Restaurants, nightlife and culture is what makes Järntorget and the streets Långgatorna a particularly interesting area. The neighbourhood is located in between Linné, Rosenlund and Kungshöjd, but also Masthugget and Haga.

The cherry blossoms at the square Järntorget is a true sign of spring. Photo: Frida Winter Credit: Frida Winter

Andra Långgatan has an array of bars and pubs, focused around beer and informal dining. The crowd is often quite young and the street is busy every night of the week. Pubs like 9:ans Ölhall and Ölstugan Tullen are known for serving a wide range of craft beers, often from local breweries too.

The parallell neighbouring street Tredje Långgatan has seen plenty of new restaurants and bars, much thanks to an establisment in the old auction house. You now find several trendy restaurants, serving everything from Italian to Mexican or dumplings in the very same building, along with a wine bar and café. Further down the street you find the small market hall Saulhallen Briggen, which is a good place for lunch.

Folk is a bar, restaurant and club combo in the Folkteatern foyer.

The square Järntorget is where you find cinema Draken, theatre Folkteatern and the bar Pustervik. The later is a combined restaurant, club and concert venue, with a popular outdoor terrace too. The foyer at Folkteatern is now a popular vegetarian restaurant and bar focusing on natural wines.

The shops are a bit spread out over the area, but worth mentioning is surely the children’s book store Bokskåpet, the charming clothing store Butik Kubik, Maska on Fjärde Långgatan, Björkåfrihet on Linnégatan and the large secondhand shop Myrornas, divided over several floors at Järntorget.

When it comes to accommodation, anywhere in the city centre, as well as Rosenlund or Kungshöjd works well. To reach the city centre you can either hop on a tram or walk across the hill at Kungshöjd to reach the Magasinsgatan. Järntorget is the public transport hub and several different tram lines and buses stop here.