Gothenburg’s most genuine food neighbourhood?

The restaurants around Kvillebäcken may not have the fanciest decor or the trendiest clientele, but what they do offer is genuine food from all parts of the world that you will not find anywhere else in the city. 

The Vietnamese restaurant Duy-Tan in Kvilletorget made phở long before it became a trendy inner city dish. Generous portions of steaming hot rice noodle soup with fresh bean sprouts and chili, crispy spring rolls and other typical Vietnamese dishes at a very reasonable price.

Leilas bageri in Herkulesgatan offers burek, sirnica and kifle of authentic Balkan quality. Burek is a pie filled with cheese, spinach, minced meat or potatoes and served with yoghurt, and Leila’s is actually the only place in Gothenburg where you can find this specialty.

At Falafel Alsham in northern Kvillebäcken, Ahmed Thabet offers Palestinian food which is equally delicious and pleasing to the eye. Golden falafel and grilled meat is served with a creamy hoummus, baba ganoush, parsley and lemon.

Other places definitely worth a visit is the Bosnian cevapcici restaurant Salko.


The new Kville

Kvillebäcken is one of the most rapidly expanding areas in Gothenburg, new restaurants and shops are added continously. In Kville Saluhall, which opened in 2013 and was nominated to the prestigious award ‘Kasper Salin-prize’ for its architecture, you will find everything from flowers, vegetables and local delicacies to restaurants like Ceviche Taste of Peru and Food Lab by Tildas.

Kville Saluhall

As more people discover this charming neighbourhood, more chic places are added to the mix – like hip café Alkemisten, burger place Barley’s Food Factory and beer enthusiasts Ölstugan Tullen. The cute second hand shop Kvillehyllan mixes retro porcelain with vintage clothes, and the ‘culture café’ Llama Lloyd offers freshly ground quality coffee and local artwork.

Credit: Peter Kvarnström

A new area is Frihamnen, a few minutes’ walk towards Göta Älv. In the park Jubileumsparken, created as part of the Gothenburg 400th Anniversary celebration, you will find a public open-air pool and a spectacular sauna made from recycled materials. Another attraction here is the Excursion Playground, surrounded by greenery and with a broad range of play possibilities. Sculptures to climb, swing and slide on are just a few of the more dynamic activities you can find here. Additionally, this playground also offers activities to awake the five senses such as sound sculptures, sand, and water play.