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Celebrate midsummer in Slottsskogen city park

Slottsskogen city park is a favourite among locals and visitors alike with its large green areas, beautiful forest sections, and child-friendly zoo. Midsummer’s Eve is celebrated with dancing around the Midsummer pole.

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Midsummer in Gothenburg’s archipelago

The Gothenburg archipelago is a world of its own, with 20 or so islands to explore. During Midsummer, several of the islands offer celebrations.

Rural Midsummer celebrations

At the urban farm Galaxen in northern Gothenburg, you can enjoy a year-round opportunity to visit farmyard animals. And on Midsummer’s Eve, you can also partake in the traditional festivities of dancing around the Midsummer pole. Additionally, at Kättilsröds 4H farm, you can meet the farm’s animals during the Midsummer celebration. Join in as the pole is raised at 12:00 and engage in activities like fishing ponds, pony riding, and singing.

Traditional Midsummer celebration at castles and manors

If you want to make a daytrip from Gothenburg on Midsummer’s Eve, there are several celebrations in outside the city. Midsummer at Nääs Castle in Floda is a tradition dating back to the 19th century. Today both Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day are celebrated with dance, family activities and music.

Tjolöholm Castle with its beautiful green areas is a perfect backdrop for a traditional midsummer celebration. The midsummer pole is raised shortly after lunch and then dancing, singing and performances take place.

Gunnebo Castle and Gardens in Mölndal welcomes you to its popular midsummer celebration. There will be ring games and a folk-dance performance, and the midsummer pole will be raised at 13.00.

Credit: Per Pixel Petersson

Midsummer at Bohus Fortress

Celebrate Midsummer in a historic setting at Bohus Fortress, just a short trip north from the Gothenburg. In the old castle ruin you will be able to make your own midsummer wreath and enjoy other family friendly activities.

Dance around the midsummer pole at Nya Älvsborg Fortress.

Midsummer at New Älvsborg Fortress

Celebrate Midsummer at New Älvsborg Fortress! The program includes, among other things, dancing around the midsummer pole, live music with the skipper Dan, candy rain and much more.