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Celebrate midsummer in Slottsskogen city park

Slottsskogen city park is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Celebrate midsummer from 4 pm at the big lawn in front of Björngårdsvillan.

Hönö Klåva Credit: Peter Kvarnström

Midsummer in the archipelago

The Gothenburg archipelago is a world of its own, with 20 or so islands to explore. During Midsummer, several of the islands in the northern parts offer celebrations, and if you’re in the southern parts, make sure you head to Vrångö.

Celebrate midsummer at city farm Galaxen

Galaxen in Bergsjön is popular for allowing visitors the chance to meet farmyard animals such as cows, sheep and horses. On Midsummer’s eve, you can join in the celebrations and dance around the maypole at 12 pm.

Midsummer at Kåsjögården

Kåsjögården is located by the lake Kåsjön a short trip east of Gothenburg. Celebrate midsummer and help decorate the maypole, starting at 2 pm.

Midsummer at Nääs Slott

The Midsummer celebration at Nääs is a tradition dating back to the 19th century. Today, both Midsummer’s Eve and Midsummer’s Day are celebrated with dance, performances and music. The Midsummer celebration takes place at Lekhuset, Otto Salomons väg.

Midsummer at Bohus Fortress

Celebrate Midsummer in a historic setting at Bohus Fortress, just a short trip from the Gothenburg city centre. In the old castle ruin you will be able to make your own midsummer wreath and enjoy other family friendly activities.

Traditional Swedish midsummer celebrations at the castle Tjolöholm.

Midsummer at Tjolöholm

Midsummer at Tjolöholm is fantastic. The castle and its beautiful green spaces are the perfect backdrop for traditional midsummer celebrations. The maypole is raised shortly after lunch and then dancing and singing begins.

Midsummer att Gunnebo House and Gardens

Beautiful 18th century manor Gunnebo invites you to join them for traditional midsummer celebrations starting at noon. Take part of traditional midsummer games and folk dance performances continuously throughout the day. Organic food and drinks from the Gunnebo coffee house are sold on site and visitors can help the gardeners dress the maypole with flowers picked on the grounds near Gunnebo.