– Welcome guys, so happy to see you! Now I’m going to take you on a journey over the rainbow … are you ready?

Pierre Edström, dressed in pink from head to toe, leads us into a fluffy airplane cabin and hands over two glasses of “bubbly” along with sleeping masks that say “Wake me for donuts”. Shoes and bags have been left behind and the only thing we’re bringing is our smartphones, to be able to document life above the rainbow. We almost get the feeling we’re on a honeymoon trip and it takes a few minutes for my friend and me to relax in the new setting. Upbeat pop music flows fills the room and we look around with a mix of expectation and worry.

– Nothing to be afraid of here my friends, just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride! Want me to take a photo?

As we arrive at our destination, tour guide Pierre takes us further into the premises. Rolling metal shutters open with a creaking sound, strobes flash and the music speeds up as we enter a colourful world painted in all the coulours of the rainbow.

Along the isle we see photo booths in different shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue … with clothes, wigs and accessories that correspond to the background colours. We’re met by a panorama of flamingos, disco mermaids, cyber aliens and pastel voodoo witches – all created to be photographed, filmed and shared. We try to take it all in and decide to start out in the turquoise sea horse booth.

– The selfie museum, or the interactive portal that we prefer to call it, is built on two important insights, says Pierre, who leaves the tour guide character now and then to tell us about Milajki’s story. First of all: we live in an experience economy. Instead of consuming things, which isn’t very sustainable, we’re moving towards consuming experiences. And second of all: we live in a creator ecnomy. Large media houses are no longer in charge like they used to be, instead we listen to bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and people like you and me. Everyone can be a part in creating our common story and we want to give people a space to do that.

Angelina and Pierre Edström met in Miami while studying fashion and design. Together they created the brand Milajki, with colourful clothing, jewellery and accessories that caught the world’s attention at catwalks and fashion weeks.

– Our stuff has always been something special. Imagine mixing Hello Kitty with Louis Vuitton!

But they wanted to create something bigger with Milajki’s imaginary world, and inspired by experience museums in Japan and the US, the idea of a selfie museum, or an experience portal, started to form. Pierre says Angelina is the creative brain behind the design, and together they built the decor during three months. Built and painted walls, put up 3D printed decorations, sewed tulle skirts and created ornate hats. Let their imagined stories and characters become real. And what was meant to be a pop up during a few months is soon celebrating one year on Korsgatan.

– We brought the board for the real estate company here and they really believe in what we’ve created. People need something fun to do, especially during this pandemic, and some even travel to Gothenburg with the sole purpose of visiting us! Besides, it feels good to do something in the empty shops in the city centre.

By now we fell a bit more comfortable as “experience tourists”. We’ve chosen a cherry red and an orange outfit, exited the photo booths, waded through a rainbow coloured ball pit and found a pink “LaundrOH!mat” with fluffy llamas. Pierre is our devoted photographer.

– What’s so much fun is that it suits all ages, he explains. We’ve hosted everything from children’s parties to company kick offs and, recently, a 78th birthday celebration. Often people are a bit scared at first and want their kids to start, but when the adults finally dare to jump in themselves they love it!

Besides making a standard visit, you can book tailor-made experiences at Milajki Style FactOH!ry, adding specials like styling in the VIP section, make up artist and photographer. You’re also welcome to swing by the ice cream bar at the entrance, and indulge in glittering unicorn soft ice and milkshakes.

Milajki Style FactOH!ry Selfie Pop-up Museum is found in the shopping centre Nordstan Oct 27-Jan 29 2023. The entrance fee is 299 SEK and gives you access to the museum for 1 hour, including wigs, hats, clothing and accessories. Book your time slot and ticket at milajki.com.