What do you get if you remove all the additives and let the wine ferment through the natural yeast found on the grape skins? The answer is, of course, natural wine. The idea is that human influence and manipulation should be as small as possible. Then you get a living wine where the soil in which the grapes were grown matters rather than the barrel the wine was stored in, which is often the case for conventional wines. So where can you enjoy these wines in Gothenburg? The answer follows below.

Angeli and Bar La Lune

Bar La Lune & Angeli

The wine bar and restaurant Bar La Lune, which over time has become more of a restaurant with seated guests, is an absolute must if you want to experience natural wine in combination with really good food, in an environment that breathes decadence and Paris. Behind the restaurant, which only has table reservations, stands the renowned sommelier Oskar Ahlvin, who has also opened the sister bar Angeli right next door. The idea behind the wine bar Angeli, which instead keeps its tables unbooked, is based on the original idea with Bar La Lune, that is a place to drop by, sit at the bar and have a bite and enjoy really good wines without having to reserve a table. Here, instead, you can count on a 70’s Italian disco environment in a lovely symbiosis with good natural wines.


Folkteatern’s own bar and restaurant Folk was early on in the swing when it comes to natural wine. When the natural wine was starting to appear in various star restaurants in Copenhagen, the wine began to be served here, at a time when the vast majority of Gothenburgers thought that natural wine was just another eco-product. Today, you can still find the most interesting natural wine producers here, moreover in a wonderfully atmospheric environment right next to the square Järntorget.


At Restaurant Natur, which you’ll find on the street Geijersgatan in the neighbourhood of Vasastan, the focus is on everything that nature simply has to offer. The focus is on the vegetables, and of course also on the natural wine.

Björk och Bambu

Behind a green door in the neighbourhood of Linnéstan, Swedish flavors meet Asian techniques. At Björk och Bambu you are offered a fantastic food and wine experience in the form of a tasting menu with seasonal and locally grown ingredients. Of course in combination with well-selected wines.

Bulot Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co


With the founders’ combined experience from, among others, Upper House, Spritmuseum and La Gazetta in Paris, you can safely count on food and wine here are at the absolute highest level. The restaurant also has a smaller sister restaurant, Bar Bulot, which you’ll find in Saluhallen. At both restaurants you can drink the natural wines everyone is talking about.


When you want something simple, solid food and wine at a high level, you should visit Oizo, which you’ll find in the neighbourhood of Kålltorp. Pizza is served here in combination with natural wine from some of the most sought-after producers. They also offers locally brewed beers.


In the same area as the restaurant above, you’ll also find the Vinarium wine bar. Although they describe themselves as a bar, there is also good food here that is nicely combined with carefully selected natural wines. The menu is seasonal and the wines come from all over the world.


In the borderland between the neighbourhoods Majorna, Masthugget and Linnéstan, you’ll find Bang at the street Oskarsgatan 9. From the beginning, the restaurant was located in a premises on the street Bangatan in Majorna (hence the name), but because they outgrew the premises, they had to move to a larger one in Amerikahuset. Here you can count on a spontaneous and messy atmosphere with well-prepared and innovative food. Of course, you’ll also find natural wines here.

Diket in the neighbourhood Majorna.


Have you ever heard of a wine pub? At least that’s what Diket i the neighbourhood Majorna is. Here you can drink wine on tap and eat good food. At Diket, no menus are built based on countries or a special type of food. Instead, the chefs start from everything that they find exciting. If you prefer bottled natural wine, that is of course also available.

Bar Minimal

Pizza, soft ice cream and natural wine is a really good combo. At Bar Minimal, you can count on a pleasant atmosphere in an intimate setting, and in addition to pizza and soft ice cream, selected appetizers are also served. The range of natural wine is large and bottles adorn pretty much every corner of the premises.


With a constantly changing menu and delicious food and wine pairings, Tapasbaren is always a neighbourhood favorite for anyone who lives in Majorna (and even those who don’t). Here you eat Spanish tapas, drink natural wine and enjoy either sitting indoors or in the glass-enclosed outdoor terrace.

Tolv Vinbar

The fashion and lifestyle store Vallgatan 12 has expanded and opened its own wine bar, Tolv Vinbar. Here you will find a large selection of natural wines, theme nights with different wine producers and seasonal food that takes inspiration from Scandinavian cuisine with dishes from Europe and Sweden.

Noot Nordik Kitchen

The restaurant Noot Nordik Kitchen describes themselves as a little Nordic, a little modern, a lot of flavours. Here you can count on unexpected, but exciting, flavour combinations, messy natural wines and a lovely atmosphere. You’ll find the restaurant at the street Östra Larmgatan 4.

Salongen på Skeppet Gbg

In the iconic sjömanskyrkan (sailor’s church) on Stigbergstorget in the neighbourhood of Majorna you’ll find Skeppet Gbg and restaurant Salongen. The menu is inspired by Palestinian cuisine and is constantly changing. It is always vegetarian, and they work as much as they can with organic ingredients. Here, of course, you’ll also find a fun selection of exciting natural wines.

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