Hello Erik! What’s a natural wine?

– The easiest way to explain natural wines is that you take away all additives and let the wine ferment with the natural yeast on the grape skin, in other words you manipulate the grape as little as possible. This makes the wine more vivid. If the wine is from calcareous soil in France you can taste that. It is 100 per cent grapes, nothing added, nothing removed.

Why have you chosen to serve it at Folk?

– We want to be closer to the wine land and the taste of grapes, but the benefit is really in the taste!

Is there a certain type of food that goes well with natural wines?

– The range of natural wines is huge. You can buy an elegant pinot noir from Bourgogne or a vulcano wine from Sicily. At Folk, we often have mild red wines, that goes well with vegetables, and sourish whites. No heavy oak barrels here.

Folk is located in the foyer of the theatre Folkteatern at Järntorget, and the address is Olof Palmes Plats. Natural wines are accompanied by a vegetarian menu and music in various forms on the small stage.

You can also find natural wines behind the bar at Oizo, Walk in the Park, Zamenhof, Bar la Lune, Bar Centro, Restaurang Natur, Tapasbaren and Björk och Bambu.

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