Dicksonska palatset (rendering image)

Dicksonska palatset (coming)

The historic Dicksonska palatset (Dickson palace, built in 1862), the former private residence of the merchant family Dickson, has been renovated and will house a ballroom, bars, restaurants and chess club under the auspices of the Stureplansgruppen when they open. In addition to the restaurant, two bars will be located in the entrance floor orangery, which was originally the Dickson family library. In the parade floor found on level two, there will be space for events and banquets during the Christmas season. It is hoped that the Dicksonska palatset will open to the public after the summer of 2024.


After extensive renovation work, and with a completely new concept, the iconic Feskekörka has opened its doors to visitors again. In addition to being able to buy world-class seafood, visitors will now find four new restaurants and bars with national and international guest performances in the kitchens, a stage with entertainment and one of Gothenburg’s largest outdoor terraces facing the Vallgraven.

Ceno Brasserie

Ceno is latin and means “I dine”. “Dine” is english and means “feasting for the taste buds with delightful company in a magical building”, at least if we get to decide. As a restaurant in the World of Volvo experience center, Ceno Brasserie provides guests and visitors with good food under the direction of star chef Stefan Karlsson.

Lorensbergs Fisk & Bar

On the corner at Berzeliigatan 5 is the fish and shellfish restaurant Lorensbergs Fisk & Bar. Next to the restaurant part there is also a fish shop where you can buy fine ingredients from the sea to take home with you. The idea behind the restaurant and the shop was to make seafood more accessible to residents, workers and visitors in the neighbourhood. Lorensbergs Fisk & Bar offers, of course, fresh fish and the many delicacies of the sea, but also other nice things that goes well with fish and seafood.

Bennys Bar & Slice Shop

Bennys Bar & Slice Shop

Next to the sister restaurant Chicca Belloni on Rosenlundsgatan you will find Benny’s Bar & Slice Shop. Here you can count on a nice atmosphere in the bar and really good pizzas that bring to mind New York’s iconic slice shops. A popular music quiz is also held here on Sundays.


In Little Meat’s old premises at Olivedalsgatan 13 is now Pizzabar, which has quickly become a favourite of many. The ambitions are to also become a bar in the near future as soon as the permit is approved.


In the corner premises where the streets Karl Johansgatan meets Allmänna vägen you’ll find the restaurant and wine bar Suggan. Here you can come exactly as you are, and be greeted by a warm room with a lovely feeling of a living room. Here, wines are served without hocus pocus and food with pure flavours from quality ingredients in season.


Micmatbar is a small place behind a big green garage door in the middle of town. Half a stairs down you sit in a snug and cosy basement. On the table, dishes are served in smaller sizes, perfect for sharing and for being able to taste several dishes during the same sitting.

Wine Mechanics Saluhallen

After a lot of searching, Wine Mechanics, the Nordics’ first urban winemaker who otherwise resides in premises in the neighbourhood of Gamlestaden, has finally found the right city location. Now they have finally opened the doors to the old Jerkstrands Café premises in the Stora Saluhallen in central Gothenburg. The idea is a wine bar with a lovely atmosphere and where you can both eat and drink good stuff.

Bao Dao, photo: Pao Duell

Bao Dao

At Bao Dao on the street Rosengatan 13, the Nordic flavours meets Asia’s, in a wonderfully stripped-down and clean environment. The restaurant specializes in bao (of course) and other small Asian dishes, and also has a good selection of fun beers and wines.

Credit: Viktor Chu


Singaporean chef Pearly Teo and sake sommelier Viktor Chu co-founded the restaurant Saga, a new addition to Gothenburg’s ever-evolving food scene. Together, they bring a fusion of seasonal Swedish produce with fermented foods, crafting a mix of South-eastern flavours that meets Sweden. At Saga there is a fine dining experience to unfold.

Faccia Grassa

Faccia Grassa is Gothenburg’s first (are we guessing?) ravioleria, which has now opened its doors on the street Kobbarnas väg in Olskroken. Here you can enjoy first-class pasta, good wine and also learn how to make ravioli like a real pro.

Windows at the restaurant Brasserie Draken with a view of the Gothenburg harbour.
The mile-long view from the restaurant Brasserie Draken, situated at the 33rd floor of Hotel Draken. Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Brasserie Draken

At the newly opened Hotel Draken at Järntorget, you’ll find the restaurant Brasserie Draken located at floor 33, offering a breathtaking view of the city. The menu is influenced by the French cuisine and the excellent produce of the Swedish west coast. One more flight of stairs up, you’ll reach the rooftop bar, which also offers extensive views over Gothenburg.
Address: Olof Palmes plats 2.

For more information, visit brasseriedraken.se.

Chicca Belloni

On the street Rosenlundsgatan, which is full of restaurants and bars, you’ll find the Italian bar and restaurant Chicca Belloni. Here you can count on a really nice atmosphere, simple (but really good) Italian food and nice drinks to the tunes of lovely music. The environment feels equal parts glamorous and relaxed and brings to mind the Italian Riviera.

Šnyt Pilsnerkafé

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, moody and cosy environment and good beer, Šnyt Pilsnerkafé is the place to be. Here you can also enjoy delicious small dishes from the menu and combine with a well-poured pilsner. You’ll find the restaurant in the same building as the classic Gyllene Prag, which also happens to have the same owner as this newly opened gem.

Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co


Heurlins (named after the square outside) was the first of the Clarion Hotel Draken’s restaurants to open. In the premises you will find partly a bistro with street food from the sea and local beer and wine, partly a modern patisserie with pastries and bubbly drinks.

A bar counter with bread and buns at Röda Rummet in Gothenburg.
The bar Röda Rummet is day-time a bakery and patisserie. Credit: Sofie Mantzaris/Göteborg & Co

Alba & Röda Rummet

The cult-celebrated bar “Röda Rummet” was located in the now demolished building on the corner of the streets Järntorgsgatan and Brogatan. In almost the same spot, “Röda Rummet” has now been resurrected in the form of a patisserie and bar, side by side with the restaurant “Alba,” where you will find a playful yet well-curated wine menu, as well as modern dishes.

See updated info at instagram.com/alba_gbg and instagram.com/rodarummet_gbg.


You’ll find Restaurant Above at the top of Scandic Göteborg Central, which is located in the Platinan building next to Hisingsbron. Exciting flavours inspired by Miami and the Caribbean meets a symbiosis of lovely tones and vibrant pulse, with an unbeatable view over Gothenburg’s harbor entrance.

Salongen is the live-music venue Skeppet’s vegetarian restaurant. Credit: Stina Gränfors


The restaurant Salongen can be found in Skeppet GBG’s premises on Amerikagatan 2 at Stigbergstorget in the neighbourhood of Majorna. Here you can enjoy good, vegetarian dishes inspired by Palestinian and Arab specialties. A little extra effort has been put into the wine selection and it consists of natural wines from Alsace in France.

Poppy serves a one or three course lunch menu. Credit: Sofie Mantzaris/Göteborg & Co


Poppy, which you’ll find at Fjärde Långgatan 1, is a lovely new addition to Linnéstaden’s restaurant selection. The colour palette and decor feels modern and trendy, the atmosphere is pleasant and the food outstanding. The chef Tobias Jacobsen, who is behind the restaurant, most recently comes from the Michelin star restaurant SK Mat & Människor, but instead of continuing with fine dining, Tobias goes his own way and invests in food that feels both rustic and clean, with seasonal ingredients cooked to perfection.

Jesper på Hörnet

Jesper på Hörnet is a newly opened wine bar in the Lorensberg area, which is just a few steps from the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center and Scandinavium arena. Here, they have a cosy atmosphere and serve a personal selection of wines together with cheese, charcuterie and delicacies.

Learn more at jesperpahornet.se (summer closed until August 24).


Gothenburg has now got its own “buteco” – a type of gastrobar that can be found in cities all over. At Buteco in Gothenburg, the Latin American cuisine is the focus, along with colourful cocktails and selected wines. Behind the restaurant are Jean Henkel and Michael John from Carbon, the fine dining restaurant in the same area.

Robb is a pizzeria located in the neighbourhood of Majorna that focuses on napolitan pizza and natural wine. Photo: Nikos Plegas


Robb is the restaurant that operates in Syster Marmelad’s old premises in the district Majorna. The new restaurant focuses on Neapolitan pizza and natural wines.

Chinese sharing dishes at Mei Rose restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mei Rose

Mei Rose is located at the top floor of Liseberg Grand Curiosa hotel. Here, they serve a sharing menu with authentic chinese flavours. From Mei Rose’s expansive rooftop terrace, you have a view of the amusement park Liseberg and the Gothenburg skyline.


CƠM is a family-owned restaurant that serves Vietnamese comfort food. They want to introduce the authentic flavours and greater variety that Vietnamese cuisine has to offer in addition to the more commonly known dishes, such as phở and gỏi cuốn.

Hasselssons Macklucka

In Stora Saluhallen market hall you will find Hasselsson’s latest addition, Hasselsson’s Macklucka, where hearty sandwiches are served over the counter. Here, the sandwiches made from Persian Barbari bread are in focus, and the menu includes both vegetarian options such as their Spicy Eggplant and Hasselsson’s own interpretation of the classic Reuben sandwich.


Tizne is located on the street Fjärde långgatan in the district Linnéstaden. Here you will be taken on a journey through Mexico’s rich food culture and the menu includes both carnitas and quesadillas as well as cocktails and mocktails. If you want to eat something a little bit lighter, there is also a bar menu that suites more spontaneous visits.


The name Komo is the combined first two letters of Korea and Mongolia, which are the two nations the restaurant’s dishes derives from. The restaurant’s dimmed lighting and relaxed yet stylish interior design creates a cosy atmosphere where you, among other things, can enjoy bulgogi that is cooked at the table.


Fei is a Chinese restaurant located at the top of the hotel Clarion Hotel The Pier. The theme of the entire hotel is “East meets West”, which is evident in both the restaurant’s menu and its interior design.

Bar Minimal

At Bar Minimal you will find a menu filled with well-chosen starters, pizzas and soft serve ice cream with topping. The staff’s great interest in wine, and especially natural wines, is reflected in their wine selection where wine bottles adorn all corners and walls of the restaurant.

Credit: Jean-Paul Bastiaans


The restaurant Kaifo draws inspiration from various Asian cuisines, which are mixed with both Scandinavian and European flavours. Kaifo is located at Södra Vägen 24, close to hub Korsvägen.

Credit: Happy Visuals


The award-winning chef Gustav Trägårdh have opened the restaurant Gurras. At Gurras, dishes inspired by street food from around the world and playful drinks are served in a homely venue with a cosy and rustic interior.


Vinbaren (The Wine Bar) offers exciting wines of high quality, as well as more relaxed and familiar ones. Vinbaren has a large selection of wines and a wine cellar built by high-class sommeliers. One of them has even won an award as the world’s best sommelier!

La Belle

Both in the name and what they serve, La Belle is inspired by the French era La Belle Époque. The menu offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee. La Belle is located inside the department store NK and provides a good reason to enjoy French classics before, during or after shopping.


Bikt is an intimate and stylishly decorated restaurant, with the bonus of having a lovely courtyard. Both the menu and the atmosphere have a vibe reminiscent of Western and Southern European countries such as Spain, France, and Italy.

Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Poppels Citybryggeri

Poppels craft brewery in Jonsered, outside Gothenburg, makes some of Sweden’s most popular beers. They have a restaurant next to the brewery and 2022 they opened a brand new city brewery in the same buildning as the hotel Scandic Göteborg Central.

Enoteca Roma

The family-run Italian wine bar and restaurant Enoteca Roma came as a breath of fresh air to the peaceful and popular district Bagaregården, east of Gothenburg. The small but delicious menu focuses on Italian food, with influences from the restaurant owner’s hometown of Rome.

Bodega Nord

Bodega Nord in the district Linné is bringing New York’s iconic sandwich deli culture to Gothenburg. The sandwiches take centre stage on the menu, consisting of specially made Japanese bread and selected ingredients from their inhouse deli shop.

Brasserie Lavette

On Södra Vägen, the fish, seafood and grill restaurant Brasserie Lavette aims to deliver an array of experiences and flavours to its guests. The menu offers, among other things, seafood, grilled fish, tarte flambé and tournedos Rossini.

Bar Palavas

The bistro Bar Palavas has an inviting and familiar atmosphere. On the menu you will find French-inspired dishes with Swedish seasonal ingredients and locally produced raw products. Bar Palavas can be found on the increasingly popular street Teatergatan.

Me and the Goat

After spending their first year at Spinneriet in Lindome, Me and the Goat moved to Majorna. The feeling of creativity from Spinneriet came with them in their move, which is noticeable in the café’s flowery painted facade and colourful interior. Me and the Goat offers freshly baked goods and an inviting atmosphere in one of the city’s cosiest neighbourhoods.

Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co


Internationally renowned chefs Gabriel Melim Andersson and Emil Bjelke have opened the restaurant Bulot on Norra Hamngatan in the city centre. They work closely with local producers and growers, and sustainability is close to their hearts.


Chef Thomas Sjögren, who already runs several restaurants in the region, is now opening a new fine-dining restaurant at Hällsnäs Hotel, 15 minutes outside Gothenburg. Seafood is the common thread running through Signum’s 18-course tasting menu, with a focus on local produce.

Ivans Pilsnerbar

The most colourful craft beer bar in Gothenburg? Go to Ringön and find out at Ivans Pilsnerbar.The bar is an explosion of colour, art, electronic dance music and top-quality craft beer. The kitchen serves vegetarian and pasta dishes made with local ingredients.

Stigbergets Shangri-La

In their old premises where they used to brew their beer, Stigbergets Bryggeri now invites you to their restaurant and beer pub, Stigbergets Shangri-La. Here you can, among other things, choose from Stigbergets Bryggeri’s wide varieties of beer, but also from a number of other guest beers.

Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

Moreno Pizza

In an old 1940s cinema, in the trendy district of Majorna, you’ll find Moreno Pizza – said to be the world’s largest pizzeria, with three wood-fired pizza ovens built in, 20 pizza chefs and seating for 350 guests in the restaurant and 300 in the bar. Impressively, the rooftop Biergarten has space for another 1000 people.

Ilse Grøn Krog

Ilse Grøn Krog is a vegetarian bistro with culinary influences from all over the world. They live by the motto of serving delicious food, certified natural wines and cocktails, all in an charming and intimate environment.

Bar Shtisel

Bar Shtisel is an Italian espresso bar with Jewish influences, open from early morning to late evening. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, wines and, of course, always great coffee.