People have been living in northeastern Gothenburg ever since the Middle ages. Nowadays, visitors come here to enjoy tranquil nature areas, exciting cuisine and various cultural activities. The tram takes you from the central station to Angered in 20, to Kortedala in 15 and Bergsjön in 25 minutes.

Credit: Happy Visuals / Göteborg & Co

Paddle and walk through breathtaking landscapes

The nature reserve Vättlefjäll is one of the largest nature areas in Gothenburg. Here you can go out and paddle on one of the many lakes, or go looking for mushrooms in the beautiful forests. To slowly glide through narrow canals beneath a roof of lush vegetation is something out of the ordinary. If you want to spend the night there are wooden shelters to sleep in, and Vättlestugans kanotpool offer, besides canoes, outdoor equipment like bedrolls, portable stoves and pack barrels for rent. Take the tram to Angered centrum and then bus 75 to Kryddnejlikegatan. Don’t forget comfy shoes and a water bottle!

Tikitut Community-based tourism arranges experiences where people and meetings across language boundaries are in focus. From city and nature walks in northeastern Gothenburg and canoe rental in the Nature Reserve Vättlefjäll, to dining sessions were you can experience Sweden’s different food cultures.

Lärjeåns dalgång is a popular area for recreation. Here you can hike, walk, do horseback riding or go fishing. In the middle of the valley you will find the naturally meandering river Lärjeån. In the north-east of Gothenburg you will find Lärjeleden trail, a 7.5 kilometer long nature trail. It extends from Lärjeholm to the centre of Angered. Here, close to the centre of Angered you will find Lärjeåns Kök & Trädgårdar. Why not combine the hike with a cup of coffee there? You can also easily reach Lärjeåns dalgång from there and find many nice walking trails.

The river Lärjeån.
Foto: Peter Kvarnström Credit: Peter Kvarnström

The hiking trail Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv stretches from Masthuggskyrkan in the city, to the Northeastern area of Gothenburg and continues via Ale, Lilla Edet, Trollhättan and Vänersborg. With Lödöse as a historical hub, you step right into the history. Lödöse was one of the largest cities in Sweden in the Middle Ages and is also Gothenburg’s predecessor. The trail offers stunning views and scenic places in varying terrain. One stage of the trail goes through Vättlefjäll. 

Bohusleden is a hiking trail consisting of 27 sections, offering a total of 340 kilometers of scenic and varied hiking. The trail extends from Lindome in the south, at the border to Halland, to Strömstad in the north. Two of the stages go via Angered and Angered’s Church. The church is well worth a visit. It is believed to be from the 13th century, but no one knows for sure how old it is.

The lake Surtesjön.
The lake Surtesjön. Photo: Lars Lanhed.

Go swimming

Fancy a swim? Beautiful lake Bergsjön, which has given the surrounding residential area its name, is situated more than 100 metres above sea level, and is also popular for fishing. To get here, take bus 58 to Atmosfärgatan or trams 7 or 11 to Komettorget. A five-kilometre nature walk connects Bergsjön to the mountains around Utby and the area Fjällbo ängar. Along the trail there is a cairn from the Bronze age where the view over Gothenburg is magnificient. At Fjällbo ängar you’ll find oak trees, fruit trees, rosehip and hawthorn in the former pastures.

The lake Surtesjön has several spots well suited for swimming, with a shallow beach with sand bottom perfect for small children. You’ll also find spots for barbecuing, and if you bring a picnic basket, sit down in the shade of the trees! There’s a 7 km trail around the lake, mostly made of easy-to-walk-on gravel. A big part of the lake is within the nature reserve Vättlefjäll where you can fish and paddle, canoes are available for hire by Vättlestugan. 

Stora Mölnesjön is a green and peaceful place in Rannebergen where you can swim and walk. You can enter the lake through a shallow beach, a jetty or the surrounding cliffs. The beach has green spaces nearby, perfect for children to play at, and a barbecue spot. 

If you fancy swimming indoors, newly renovated Hammarbadet in Hammarkullen is a nice option. It’s open for adults and children alike, and while it’s primarily used for swim training, recreational swimming is also allowed. Free entrance for children between the ages of 0–5, and for senior citizens weekdays before 2 pm.

Credit: Lars Lanhed

Farm shops with local produce and international flavours

Buying local produce is not just better for the planet, it’s also an amazing experience to buy your eggs, cheese, berries and flowers directly from the producer. The area around Angered has plenty of farm shops, for instance Lammet och Bonden, Bergums biologiska bärodling and Agnesbergs gårdsbutik. Look for more options at gårdsnä

Looking for Oriental flavours? The association Hoppet in Hammarkullen offer Arabic, Iraqi, Persian and Kurdish dishes for take-away or home delivery. The association was started as a way for vulnerable women in the suburb to make a living, and all the income is paid directly to the woman who prepared your food. Want to know more? Book a food and culture night with dinner, lecture and guided art tour in Hammarkullen – or expand your cooking skills in one of their classes. More info and bookings at

The festival Hammarkullekarnevalen.

Majestic murals and loads of culture

The culture house Blå stället, in Angered, was opened in 1979 and since then they have been spreading art, music, theatre, film and dance to the locals and many more. Here you can enjoy seminars, art exhibitions, concerts, poetry contests, yoga classes – and Angered’s own book fair. The building also houses the popular restaurant Kultur på burk, a library, citizen office and cinema.

Every spring, Hammarkullen explodes in colour, dancing and music during the annual carnival which is the largest of its kind in Sweden. The well-filled programme stretches over three days and offers music and dancing from all over the world, with the carnival parade as the given highlight. A multicultural celebration that needs to be experienced firsthand! But even if you come at another time of the year, Hammarkullen is well worth a visit. Here you’ll find some of the gigantic murals created during the street art festival Artscape in 2016 – head to Bredfjällsgatan 34 and 46 to check them out.

Get that retro-feel

At Kortedala museum, you can step right into a 1950s home. The two-room apartment is decorated with original items to display a characteristic working class home at the time. Take the tram towards Bergsjön/Kortedala and get off at the stop Allhelgonakyrkan.

For even more retro goodness, check out the route Retrovägen, stretching all the way from the east of Gothenburg to the town of Nossebro. Along the way you’ll pass shops, cafés and museums that will bring you back to the 50’s and 70’s. 

Angered's church.
The church in Angered.

13th century churches

The church Bergums kyrka is surrounded by towering elms, linden and ash trees. The church has been renovated several times over the years, but recently restored to its 18th century interior. The beautiful painted ceilings are from that time.

The church Angereds kyrka is believed to have been built in the 13th century, the baptismal font is of a style common at the time, and it has been preserved. The church was remodeled during the late 18th century, the paintings are all from that time. The Lärjeån river valley meanders just outside the church, a popular spot for nature walks and birdwatching.

A cow at Bergums fritidslantgård.
A curious cow at Bergums fritidslantgård. Photo: Lars Lanhed.

Family Fun

Angereds Stadspark

The park is a popular meeting place and an adventure for children with the circus themed playground. Here you’ll also find barbecue spots, boule lanes, and outdoor gym and plenty of exciting playground fun!  In the summer there’s even a water playground open, with sprinklers and playful showers. 


Not far away, in Gårdsten, there’s a brand new playground with a sky high climbing net and loads of more fun for kids and young adults. Play minigolf, use the outdoor gym or use the vast green spaces for other recreational activities. If you’re hungry there are tables to eat at, and barbecue spots.  

Gården Björsjöås Vildmark

Björsjöås is a farm with a rich history dating back to the 14th century. They offer accomodation and family oriented activities. You’ll be welcomed by sheep and chickens, and they surrounding environment presents plenty of opportunities to learn more about what life was like several hundred years ago. The lake Björsjön is located close to the farm, with a jetty and a year-round canoe rental. 

Bergums fritidslantgård

Visit farmyard animals and discover what life is like on a farm. A chance to meet cows, rabbits, ducks and sheep in a peaceful setting. A walking trail will take you through nature reserve Vättlefjäll if you fancy a hike.