Indulge in the perfect blend of maritime and urban life at the outdoor dining spots of Gothenburg. During the summer months, few things beat a lovely day by the sea. Fortunately, Gothenburg has a lot to offer when it comes to seaside experiences. Here you will find restaurant classics that allow you to explore the city’s seafood offerings, but also newcomers who invite you to locally brewed beer and bubbly natural wines.

So where can you find Gothenburg’s most wonderful bars and restaurants with sea views? The answer follows below.

Tyska bron Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Tyska bron

In the middle of central Gothenburg, more precisely on the Tyska bron (German bridge) that runs over the Stora Hamnkanalen next to Christinae Church, is the sea bar and restaurant Tyska bron. Here you can eat shrimp sandwiches or fish tacos in combination with a good drink, with a view of Gothenburg’s older quarters and the inner city water.

Restaurang Röda Sten

In Röda Sten Art Centre, which is located below the Älvsborg Bridge, you’ll find Restaurang Röda Sten. Combine the visit with an art experience and enjoy a bite of good food, sea breezes and the view of the harbor entrance.

Brännö Varv

Brännö Varv

Brännö Varv is located in a unique maritime environment in Gothenburg’s western archipelago, only 20 minutes by the archipelago boat from Saltholmen. The shipyard Brännö Varv has existed since 1949 but in recent years has also become a café & bar, which is a highlight for many who visit Brännö thanks to the wonderful atmosphere and different environment. Here you are treated to a wonderful view of the open and island-rich sea.

Långedrag Värdshus

With a lovely sea view in a beautiful setting, and room for large groups, Långedrag Värdshus is a perfect place to celebrate something big, as well as have a spontaneous dinner on a summer evening. Here you can choose from classics such as halibut, cod loin, plaice and much more.


After a day in the archipelago, it can be nice to settle down at a lovely outdoor terrace and eat a really good pizza. This is exactly what you can expect at restaurant Paradiset, which is located in a grand house right next to the embarkation and disembarkation for the archipelago boats in Saltholmen.



The year-round pub and restaurant Tullhuset, which is found on Hönö Klåva in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago, is a pure seafood restaurant with a fantastic view of the archipelago. The restaurant has been in existence for a full 20 years and since the beginning has always cherished local ingredients, where they let guests together with the staff issue the menu and the selection.

Tapas by River

In a wonderful location by the quay, in the relatively newly built area of Västra Eriksberg on the island of Hisingen, you can enjoy delicious tapas and at the same time look out over the water. At Tapas by River you can choose tapas from both the sea and the forest. Of course there are also plant-based alternatives.

Isbolaget Donsö

Isbolaget on Donsö has a long history of producing ice for the fishing boats in Gothenburg’s archipelago, but when the need changed they started a restaurant and hotel instead. The location is fantastic right by the water, and here you can treat yourself to everything from prawn sandwiches, hot smoked salmon or classic fish n’ chips.

Porter Pelle

In the vicinity of the old Carnegie Brewery, which used to produce porter that was exported all over the world, you’ll find Porter Pelle. Here you can enjoy good food and porter (and a lot of other beers of course) right next to the water at Klippan and Röda Sten.

Riverton View Skybar & Restaurant

A rooftop bar with a magical sea view over Gothenburg, what more could you ask for? On the twelfth floor of the Riverton Hotel, you’ll find everything from award-winning cocktails to a really good à la carte menu, and floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows.

Vega Bryggeri

Vega Bryggeri

On Ringön, which you’ll find at the island of Hisingen, Vega Bryggeri brews its own craft beer according to old traditions in combination with innovative ideas and curiosity. Here you can also treat yourself to a good dinner right next to the water, often accompanied by live music.