Inner city picnic

You don’t have to go far to find a perfect picnic spot. The park Kungsparken stretches along the canal and offers plenty of lush green grass and majestic trees. The lively chatter from the bustling pedestrian shopping streets across the canal provides a vibrant city atmosphere.

The park Kungsparken is a popular picnic spot in the city centre. Credit: Superstudio

Adjacent to Kungsparken is the small but charming park Bältesspännarparken. Sit down on the grass or on one of the many benches available and admire the fountain and the impressive theatre Stora Teatern that sits across the street.

The Garden Society of Gothenburg is located right next to Bältesspännarparken, and it’s a lovely green oasis with winding walking paths, green lawns and beautiful plants and flowers. If you get cold you can take your picnic basket with you inside the impressive Palm house. 

Idyllic islands await in the Gothenburg archipelago. Credit: Jonas Ingman

Waterfront dining – picnic style

The Älvsborgsbron Bridge is a Gothenburg landmark and located right underneath is the Röda Sten Art Centre. The area surrounding the art centre is perfect for a picnic with a superb view of the Gothenburg harbour entrance. For a truly magnificent experience make sure you’re there for when the sun sets.

If you’ve got time, a trip to the amazing islands of the Gothenburg archipelago will provide you with loads of picturesque picnic spots. You can grab the ferry from Saltholmen and head out to the islands of the southern archipelago, or if you prefer, stay on the cliffs of Saltholmen and enjoy your picnic complete with a wonderful view of the archipelago.

While not technically picknick on a blanket, the Musikflotten tours in the Gothenburg moat offers you a unique picknick experience. Bring your food and drink and they’ll take you on a two hour tour with live music. Tours leave from Feskekôrka (the Fish church) at 17.30 and 20.00 daily during summer.

Classic picnic parks

Relaxing on a blanket in a leafy park is probably how most people envision a classic picnic, and for good reason. If that’s what you’re after, make sure you stop by the local favourite Slottsskogen City Park where you have several different great picnic spots to choose from.

Just across the road, the Gothenburg Botanical Garden offers a peaceful picnic spot with its manicured lawns. While you’re there, make sure to check out the impressive gardens and green houses. The Botanical garden is one of the largest and best in northern Europe.

Picnic with a view

Who doesn’t love a good view? Combine your picnic with a stunning panorama of the city from the fortification Skansen Kronan. It’s such a great idea that we’ve even made a guide to help you out. Take a deep breath, head up the stairs and enjoy.

On the opposite side of the river Göta Älv, the park Keillers Park, on the top of the hill Ramberget, offers an amazing view of Gothenburg and Göta älv. You can get the ferry from Stenpiren to Lindholmen, and then it’s just a short walk to the hill Ramberget and Keillers Park.

Picnic Sweden arranges unique picnic events adapted to various occasions. Credit: Picnic Sweden

An extraordinary picnic

Planning a special occasion? Like a birthday or a baby shower? Check out Picnic Sweden – they arrange unique picnic events in and around Gothenburg.