Hisingsparken on the island of Hisingen. Credit: Park och Naturförvaltningen Göteborg

Running routes

There are many routes and loops, some with and some without electric lights, throughout Gothenburg. Here are some of the most popular ones, but you can find even more at the City of Gothenburg’s page about running routes in Gothenburg (where you will also find more detailed information about the loops).

Skatås – Outdoor sports’ galore

Skatås attracts all kinds of athletes with its wide range of running routes, hiking trails and sports fields. The area’s trail with electric light measure 2.5 5 and 8 km, and the terrain trails measure 10 and 18 km respectively.

Hisingsparken / Tuve gym – Gothenburg’s largest park

The park is located on the island of Hisingen and is easy to reach by public transport. If you start from Tuve recreational centre, there are several routes to explore that are fully or partially illuminated. The shortest loop is 2.8 km and the longest 7.4 km.

Svarte mosse – Varited nature and historic grounds

Svarte Mosse is a nature area consisting of rocky terrain, marshes and ponds which makes for an exciting environment for a run. There are several running routes to follow, and if you keep your eyes open, you may see the remains of Svarte mosse fornborg from the year 500.

Sisjön – Scenic south of the city

The beautiful nature area Sisjön has several nice routes to explore. The race Sisjöloppet is held in the area, which takes runners around the lakes Sisjön and Oxsjön and measures 14 km. A route that can be run anytime, race or no race. If you want electric lights, there is such a loop that measures 2.5 km.

Ruddalen – Large sports centre in western Gothenburg

This part of Västra Frölunda is home to several sports and also where the city’s first indoor bandy pitch is being built. The sports centre hosts several football pitches, an outdoor gym and a number of running trails.

Vättlefjäll – Popular nature reserve

This nature reserve northeast of Gothenburg’s city centre is a popular hiking destination, and offers many wonderful running routes, both illuminated and non-illuminated. After the run, you can cool off in one of the many lakes in the area.

Slottsskogen city park is a popular spot for runners.

Parks, gardens and nature areas

Gothenburg is a green city with lots of parks, gardens, and nature areas. And even if they don’t have dedicated running routes, they are still popular options.

Änggårdsbergen – Nature reserve right next to the city

If you’re looking for more of a trail run, you should head to the beautiful nature reserve Änggårdsbergen. Along the hilly paths you woöö get a real challenge, just make sure not to stumble on roots and branches. Though it may not feel like it, you’re actually just a short tram ride away from the city centre.

Delsjöns nature reserve

This beautiful and popular nature reserve is located right next to to Skatås sports centre. The area offers several beautiful routes around the lakes Stora and Lilla Delsjön.

Slottsskogen City Park

Gothenburg’s own living room Slottsskogen City Park combines bbq’s with music festivals, beach volleyball, seals, and penguins. And runners, of course! Follow the park’s paths and make your run as long or as short as you wish, and if you want to challenge yourself a little extra, make sure to head up the hill Säldammsbacken or Hålekärsbacken (or both).

Trädgårdsföreningen (The Garden Society of Gothenburg)

Right in the middle of Gothenburg you will find one of the city’s most beautiful parks. Trädgårdsföreningen (or the Garden Society of Gothenburg) is one of Europe’s best-preserved 19th century parks and among all the lush greenery there is also a magnificent palm house, a vast rose garden and a popular playground. Here you’ll run along the moat or next to well-manicured lawns, with Gothenburg’s city silhouette as a backdrop.


The park Kungsparken stretches from the theatre Stora Teatern, along the road Nya Allén, to the church Hagakyrkan. A green strip in the city centre that is easily accessible and offers beautiful views along the moat.

Explore the city with your running shoes on.

Go running on city streets

As you may well know, the half marathon Göteborgsvarvet is one of the world’s most popular races, and it all takes place on the city streets of Gothenburg. If you want to explore them, here are a few suggestions on where to start.

Two bridges – about 20 km

The previously mentioned Göteborgsvarvet leads runners over Gothenburg’s two bridges, Älvsborgsbron and Hisingsbron, and it is a route you can make your own version of. If you start at the park Färjenäsparken on the east side of the river side, you can run along the water all the way to Hisingsbron. When you have crossed it, continue along the west side of the river Göta älv and then run through Majorna to reach the bridge Älvsborgsbron  and complete your lap.

Round event route – about 4 km

The road that stretches from Liseberg to Ullevi is one of Gothenburg’s most visited, and home to most of Gothenburg’s main event venues including the Swedish exhibition and congress centre.

If you’re staying at a nearby hotel and want to catch a quick run before the next concert or trade fair day, try going around the event area. Follow the sidewalk from Gothia towers all the way to Ullevi Stadium, turn east, go around the stadium and run along the river Mölndalsån all the way back to Liseberg amusement park, where you turn west and reach Gothia towers again.

Through Vasastaden – about 3.5 km

This route will take you through the beautiful neighbourhood Vasastaden. Start at the street Sten Sturegatan by the recreational area Heden and run west along Vasagatan, a nice and sloping stretch through a beautiful tree-lined avenue. At the Gothenburg School of Business, you turn south and then east when you reach Föreningsgatan. Run along Viktoriagatan and Engelbrektsgatan (warning, steep hill!) You will soon be back at Sten Sturegatan, where you turn north and reach your starting point.