A grandfather and child is sitting at the the beach Playa Skeppsbron in Gothenburg.
Playa Skeppsbron is one of Gothenburg’s urban summer hang-out places.

Relaxed hangouts on Gothenburg’s summer streets

Every summer, different streets and squares in Gothenburg transform into car-free summer havens, perfect for relaxing and socializing. The initiative by the city’s Urban Environment Department is called Ta plats! (In English: “Claim the space”). Find out more about the different summer locations on goteborg.se (only in Swedish).

People queing to a foodtruck at the vegan market at Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg.,
Don’t miss the vegan food market at Grönsakstorget this summer.

Summer vibes at Grönsakstorget

From mid-May to the end of September 2024, the square Grönsakstorget in central Gothenburg is transformed into a bustling summer spot. The square is filled with greenery, seating, play and games, as well as space for food and drink. There are also various types of music and cultural events, Friday after work, morning yoga and a vegan food market on May 25, June 29, July 27, August 24 and September 28.

The Jubilee Park offers swimming and play

The Jubilee Park in Frihamnen has been open to all since 2014, offering a wide range of free activities. Swim in the public floating saltwater and freshwater pools, visit the Excursion playground and try the public sauna that will re-open during the summer 2024.

Summer hang-out at Kronhuset

From June 26 to August 11, visitors are invited to Kronhuset to relax, play games, eat ice cream, experience art installations and see a historic photo exhibition about Gothenburg. Kronhuset is one of Gothenburg’s oldest houses and is located in Västra Nordstan.

Gothenburg Culture Festival

On the weekend, August 29–September 1, you can extend the summer with Gothenburg Culture Festival. It’s a free city festival with friendly people, tasty food, a nice atmosphere and a wide program that suits all tastes and ages.

Get out and discover the city centre

Hittaut is a fun and educational way to discover Gothenburg, where you look for checkpoints around the city via an app or physical map. The map is available at the Gothenburg Visitor Centre and the City Library.

Find out more about how it works at hittaut.nu/goteborg