The open-air seating outsida the venue Oceanen is popular summer hang-out.Credit: Josefine Larsson/Stigberget Live

The culture centre Oceanen has a thriving concert and club scene.Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

The venue Skeppet GBG is located in the former seafarers’ church.Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Café Hängmattan shares housing with the venue Musikens hus and is accessed from the back entrance.Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Utopia Jazz is an inviting and lively jazz club and restaurant. Credit: Josefine Larsson/Stigberget Live

Musikens hus is a culture venue for live-music, comedy evenings and with a focus on sustainability.Credit: Josefine Larsson/Stigberget Live

Café Hängmattan has a bar and smaller stage for live performances.Credit: Josefine Larsson/Stigberget Live

“Stigberget Live” is an upcoming app with calendars and offers from the venues around Stigbergstorget.Credit: Josefine Larsson/Stigberget Live

Hub for culture and concerts

If you’re searching for the must-see concert of the weekend, look no further than Stigbergstorget’s concert venues, the thriving epicenter of live music in Gothenburg. The venue Musikens Hus has rehearsal spaces accommodating around 70 local bands but also two dynamic stages that host concerts, stand-up comedy shows, and theatrical performances. The smaller stage is found at Hängmattan Kök & Bar, which also offers a popular vegetarian lunch buffet on weekdays, along with an evening menu and a bar Wednesday to Sunday. Notably, Musikens Hus actively promotes sustainability, with solar panels on the roof, electric vehicle charging stations, and community gardening projects in its yard.

Another cultural hotspot is Kulturhuset Oceanen, a long-standing bastion of diverse art forms. Since 2014, Oceanen has worked to develop its stage activities, resulting in a rich program of concerts and clubs taking place multiple times a week. Furthermore, their restaurant offers a selection of street food, featuring numerous vegan options.

Situated adjacent to the legendary record store Bengans, Fyrens Ölkafé has established itself as a vibrant venue for live concerts, hosting performances several days a week. While having a coffee or pint at Fyrens, make sure not to miss the chance to explore Bengans, the Nordic region’s largest and most well-stocked record store.

Just around the corner is Skeppet GBG, a concert venue complemented by several music studios and the restaurant Salongen. Salongen has a completely vegetarian menu inspired by Palestinian cuisine. During the spring and summer seasons, guests can also enjoy the roof terrace, with panoramic views of the harbour entrance.

For jazz enthusiasts, Utopia Jazz presents an inviting and lively jazz club and restaurant at Stigbergetstorget. With a focus on seasonal delights, Utopia welcomes guests for a leisurely dinner or a drink at the bar, while indulging in the world of jazz throughout the week.

Sustainable flavours: Vegetarian, vegan, and local produce

The area around Stigbergstorget is not only a center for live music but also for restaurants and bars offering vegetarian and locally sourced food and beverages. In addition to the vegetarian restaurants Salongen and Hängmattan Kök & Bar, you’ll find the completely vegan restaurant Blackbird a short distance down the slope Stigbergsliden. They feature a menu of flavourful and rustic vegan dishes, creating their own vegan products such as cheeses, tempeh, and seitan. Crippas Café, located just two tram stops away at Chapmans torg, also serves entirely plant-based food. Here, you can indulge in vegan pizzas, burgers, and grilled sandwiches.

Ilse krog offers vegetarian cuisine with flavours inspired by cultures from around the world, all within a charming and intimate setting. You can also try natural wines and cocktails here. Right in the heart of Stigbergstorget, you’ll find one of Gothenburg’s most popular falafel stands Sunset falafelkungen, which focuses entirely on vegetarian street food.

Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

Enjoy local craft beer

It’s hard to get more local than the breweries Stigberget and Majornas. Both breweries pay tribute to the area by naming their beers after iconic Gothenburg features like West Coast IPA, “Knô daj in,” (a local Gothenburg expression meaning roughly “squeeze yourself in”) and Majornas Kapardrottning (a 18th century pirate “queen”).

At Majornas Brewery Pub on Karl Johansgatan, the beer is brewed right in the same premises as the beer pub itself. This means you can enjoy a glass of craft beer and a delicious meal while witnessing the brewing process through a glass wall. The pub boasts a fully vegetarian menu, offering a wide array of options including many vegan and gluten-free choices.

Stigbergets’ restaurant and beer bar, Shangri-La, is nestled in a slightly hidden space on the street Gamla Varvsgatan, where the brewery used to craft its beers. Here, you can choose from a wide range of their beer varieties while enjoying various small plates.

The Gothenburg-based O/O Brewing (namned after the owners Olle and Olof) has its own bar on the street Bangatan. On tap, you’ll find O/O’s own beer selections, while the menu leans towards Italian flavors with pasta dishes, cheese, charcuterie, and other delicious treats.

Restaurant Diket in the neighbourhood Stigberget.

Exciting restaurant boom

Bang Matbar, previously located in the premises now occupied by O/O, has found its new home on the street Oskarsgatan 9. With a well-crafted and innovative menu that evolves constantly, Bang offers an exciting dining experienc. They also regularly feature guest appearances from other chefs, adding to the culinary diversity.

Diket, situated on Karl Johansgatan, is the brainchild of three chefs who aimed to create a new favourite restaurant in Majorna. Here, you’ll experience personalized service, accompanied by tantalizing dishes and a carefully curated selection of wines, all within a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

For an intimate and internationally renowned sushi experience, look no further than Hoze. With only six seats available, this Japanese gem serves traditional omakase, where the chef decides the menu for the evening. If you’re fortunate enough to secure a spot, prepare for a dining adventure that showcases the artistry and precision of Japanese cuisine.

Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

In the summer of 2022, the renovated former cinema Kaparen opened its doors, unveiling a captivating destination. Within the 1940s cinema, you’ll now find not one but three restaurants, including Ilse grøn krog, as well as a spacious rooftop bar. Moreno Pizza has transformed the actual theatre into what they claim to be the world’s largest pizzeria. Long communal tables, stone-baked pizzas, and refreshing drinks await you. Upstairs, the rooftop bar offers a combination of views and beers served in steins.

From the outside, you’ll reach Bar Shtisel, an Italian espresso bar with Jewish New York influences. This charming establishment serves American breakfast, light lunches, and in the evening, an array of espresso-based drinks and other beverages.

If you’re in the mood for a fun-filled evening of Vietnamese street food and karaoke, head to Sing Sing Majorna at Chapmans torg. This lively venue offers both, making it a popular spot for after-work gatherings, celebrations, and a fun night out.

Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Sweden’s best “fika”!

In the corner of the streets Karl-Johansgatan and Gamla Varvsgatan, there has been a bakery for nearly a century. Since 2019, the high-class artisan bakery Kampanilen has taken charge of the “fika”, which is among the very best in Sweden! Owner Kalle Bengtsson was named Pastry Chef of the Year, and Kampanilen, with its sourdough breads and artistic pastries, consistently ranks at the top when it comes to the Swedish Gastronomy Award. Since the summer of 2023, they have also opened an artisan ice cream bar just 30 meters down the street.

Majornas böcker & kaffe on the street Allmänna vägen is a small independent book shop offering a wide selection of books for both adults and children. It’s also a cosy spot to sit down with a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, they host author evenings and book clubs, allowing book lovers to come together and engage in literary discussions.

Two children exploring at the Maritime Museum in Gotehnburg.
At The Maritime Museum and Aquarium you’ll find adventurous stories, fantastic objects and exhibitions for all ages. Credit: Kristin Lidell

History, museums, and fun children’s activities

At the Maritime Museum and Aquarium , you can explore the sea with all your senses. The hundred year old Museum reopened after a period of renovation in December 2022. Now, there are six new exhibitions including two designed for children, and an entirely new underground aquarium building to discover.

In the Gathenhielmska Cultural Reserve, you can witness and experience how life was in Majorna in the past. It is one of the city’s oldest and best-preserved areas, showcasing what Gothenburg looked like in the 18th century before the devastating fires took place.