Street art in the form of murals have been rising in popularity in the last couple of years in Gothenburg. This is primarily due to the two street art festivals Artscape 2016 and Artscape Saga. You can watch the results of these festivals in most of the districts of Gothenburg, where facades, walls, rocks and mures have been painted. If you want to see the largest ground painting you will find this outside of the Museum of World Culture, created in the autumn of 2019.

Mural made by Yash

Mural made by Disk

Imaginative, reality-based and psychedelic in Frölunda

In Frölunda, reality-based portraits on apartment houses are combined with more imaginative, abstract art. Most of the murals in this area were made during Artscape 2016, created by artists from Canada, Gothenburg and Malmö, among others.

Inventive, playful and prominent in Biskopsgården

In Biskopsgården you will find the fantastic mural Where Trees Don’t Growcreated by the artist Yash. He’s also made murals in other Swedish cities such as Ljusdal, Filipstad and Stockholm. The other murals in Biskopsgården are all on facades. 

Mural by Ana Maria

Mural by Bless

Mural by Henrietta Kozica

Mural by Hueman

Thoughtful, creative and transcendental in the central parts of Gothenburg

In the central parts of Gothenburg, street art is everywhere. Not only different kinds of murals, but also mosaic and sculptures. The art is present on e.g. walls, doors, facades and electrical cabinets.

Mural by Animalitoland

Hammarkullen och street art från artscape

Mural by EineCredit: Lars Lanhed

Flashy, adventurous and elegant in Hammarkullen

In Hammarkullen you will find some of the bigger and more elegant murals. On apartment facades you can check out the colourful paintings made by, among others, Animalitoland, Ben Eine and Sens. Here, there are eight grand murials to admire.

Chilly, bloomy and dreamy in Partille

Look at a gigantic dandelion, a unicorn or a freezing cold murial picturing the Nordic wild in its absolute essence. Aurora Borealis is an artwork made by Smug One during Artscape Saga, and tells the story of a lone walker in a snow-covered landscape in the north.

Mural by Ollie

Want to discover more street art?

On Streetartcities you will find most of the murals in Gothenburg, and other parts of the world as well. By putting up the street art on a map you can see exactly where they’re located, who made it and when.