Sunset spots

Embrace the magic of Gothenburg’s sunsets with these picturesque spots that promise a palette of golden-hour colours. Here are suggestions of places that both offer a view of the sea and have a photo-friendly environment – thus the perfect background for your sunset photos!

Sunset view over the river and a boat.
Sunset view from Masthuggskyrkan.


Located at the top of the hill Stigberg, this 1914 church offers one of the best views in town. Ideal for capturing the city’s skyline, the river and the two bridges, especially during the sunset!

View of a sunset from a street overlooking a bridge.
View from the street Banehagsgatan overlooking the bridge Älvsborgsbron near Röda sten art center.

Röda Sten

Röda Sten Art Centre (named after a mysterious red-painted stone block) is located right on the river and under the bridge Älvsborg in the historia area Klippan. Here the river reflects the colours of the sunset and together with the unique environment of the area it becomes an excellent spot for capturing stunning sunset photos.

An old fortification on top of a hill surrounded by trees and neighborhoods.
Skansen Kronan is an old fortification that offers a striking view of the city.

Skansen Kronan

This 18th century fortress is located on top of the hill Risåsberget in the area of Haga. Here you not only get a 360-degree view of the city, but also picnic-friendly grassy areas around the fortress where you can sit and enjoy the sunset on the horizon.

Sunset view from a rooftop bar over the river.
OGBG rooftop bar view.

Taket, OGBG

A high location is always a good idea to get a fine sunset shot. If you want to gain altitude but not walk up a mountain, one of Gothenburg’s many lovely rooftop bars is recommended. Take a look at OGBG, which is located at Comfort Hotel at Skeppsbroplatsen.

Foodie spots

Gothenburg offers a wide selection of food options, with cuisines from all over the world, and something for all tastes. Explore Gothenburg’s culinary scene and at the same time capture not only the flavours but also the visual feast.

Mr Cake

Mr Cake café has a fun mix of Swedish traditional pastries and American extra-everything aesthetics, signed by pastry chef Roy Fares. An example is the iconic red velvet croissant and the many different colourful cakes.


At Barabicu, in the area of Rosenlund, food from the Middle East and the Mediterranean meet in unique combinations. Beautiful cocktails are also a specialty here, and the decor is stylishly relaxed.

The Market Hall Saluhallen is a lively market hall in a gorgeous building with delicacies from all over the world. The best thing about it: there is plenty of choice for every foodie out there!

When it rains…

Sometimes the weather is simply unpredictable in Gothenburg. Let’s embrace it and see it as an opportunity to capture the city’s charm in the rain. Discover rain-sheltered places where the rain helps you take unique photos.

A roof with a hole where rain passes through.
Rain pavilion in Seminarieparken.


Freshly updated to become “the world’s best park when it rains”, Seminarieparken in Linnéplatsen is the perfect place to hangout during rainy days. Seminarieparken is filled with cherry blossom trees, greenery and a rain pavilion. Here you can sit down, enjoy and capture the moments of a rainfall.

View over palm trees in the Palm House.
Inside the Palm House. Credit: Anders Storm/Göteborg & Co

The Palm House

In the very heart of Gothenburg, you will find the Palm House. The main characteristic of this building is its glass structure that allows a view of the outside from the inside. On top of the beautiful architecture, the Palm House is also home to diverse exotic plants and, as the name suggests, different palm trees. You will find shelter and an inviting temperature inside. A perfect combination for observing the rain: from the tropical forest and without getting wet!

Café with glass ceiling and plants hanging.
Kafé Magasinet. Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Kafé Magasinet

If you visit Kafé Magasinet in the area of Järntorget, you can sip a hot beverage in an almost tropical landscape. The café’s outdoor seating is located in an orangery with a glass roof, climbing plants and hanging lanterns – the perfect café for when it rains.

Architecture in Gothenburg

Embark on a visual journey through Gothenburg’s architectural wonders – from Gothenburg’s typical stone and wood houses to the contemporary modernism and modernist buildings.

View of a street with tram tracks in the middle and orange buildings on each side of the street.
Typical Gothenburg houses “Landhövdingenhus” on the street Karl Johansgatan in the Majorna neighbourhood. Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Landshövdingehus houses

You will most likely spot the houses Landshövdingehus while wandering around Gothenburg! They are traditional Swedish houses typically featuring strong colours and a distinctive architectural style. The unique aspects about them are their first floor built fully with stone, followed by two floors built with wood. This is a concept original to Gothenburg, meaning that there are not many of these spread around Sweden. Neighbourhoods such as Majorna, Annedal, Gamlestaden, Bagaregården, among others, are a good example of where you can find this typical Gothenburg architecture.

View to the tram tracks where a blue and white tram is passing by, surrounded by trees, grass and buildings.
Tram in the neighbourhood Majorna. Credit: Beatrice Törnros/Göteborg & Co


Majorna is a trendy neighbourhood with a lot going on. Apart from cosy cafés and cool street art, Majorna has beautiful architecture such as the typical houses Landshövsdingehus, once home to the industry workers, and now seen as hip and on demand. The buildings here have fun and unique elements that will be a great addition to your photo journey! Go wander, for example, around the streets Ankargatan, Strandridaregatan and Ostindiegatan and capture the details that make this neighbourhood so photogenic.

A red round and green building with a narrower base that gets larger as it goes up on height.
Kuggen is the library of the Chalmers University campus in Lindholmen.


Gothenburg is also filled with modern architecture and Kuggen is a great example of it. This unique building is, in fact, part of the Chalmers University facilities, serving as a library. Kuggen’s edgy colours and uncommon shape is a showstopper. If you are in the city centre, it only takes you one short walk to the pier Stenpiren where you can take the free boat (look for the one with a green flag) to the other side of the river, right to the Lindholmen area. As soon as you arrive there, the first thing you will see is Kuggen!

A metal-made building on a platform over the water with stairs and a bridge for access, and trees in the background.
Public access sauna in Frihamnen. Credit: Beatrice Törnros/ Göteborg & Co

The Sauna in Frihamnen

In the Jubileumsparken you will be able to spot an interestingly shaped building made of metal panels over the river. This is the public access sauna, made of recycled materials in 2014. A truly interesting and unique design that is worth to capture!

inside of a building with stone floors and wooden details, such as tables and chairs on each side of the room. There are also zigzag stairs from the second floor upwards and a clock hanging on a wall.
Inside Gothenburg’s Town Hall. Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Gothenburg Town Hall

The Gothenburg’s Town Hall located at the square Gustav Adolfs Torg seems quite simple on the outside, but when looking inside, it will definitely leave you surprised. Redesigned by the famous architect Gunnar Asplund in 1936, the building combines Nordic classicism with modernism, where beautiful arcade corridors are joint with vaults, as well as high ceilings. All around the building is possible to find both old details, from before the renovation, incorporated with newer ones. A unique indoor Nordic design that you will want to capture through your lens!

View of a snowy square with the statue of Poseidon in the middle, surrounded by lit pine trees, and the Göteborgs konsthall - the centre for contemporary art in Gothenburg - in the background.
Poseidon’s statue in the middle of Götaplatsen. Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co


This iconic square is one of the main meeting points for culture in Gothenburg as it is surrounded by impressive buildings such as the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Gothenburg City Theatre, the Concert Hall and the contemporary art of Göteborgs Konsthall. Take the chance to capture the striking buildings surrounding it and of Poseidon, the statue on duty, overlooking the neighbourhood.