Credit: Tina Stafrén

Nudie Jeans – sustainable fashion

One of the world’s most famous jeans brands, Nudie Jeans, was founded in Gothenburg in the early 2000s. The collections, which now include everything from accessories to jackets and t shirts, are made of 100 percent organic cotton in a transparent and fair chain of production. If your jeans are worn out, Nudie will repair them fror free in one of their shops. To mimimise your environmental impact (as well as the impact on your wallet), choose a pair of worn jeans from the project Re-use.

Credit: Emma Backman / Göteborg & Co

Thrive – sustainable and vegan fashion in Haga

At Thrive you can choose between non-toxic denim wear, vegan sneakers and organic bags and accessories. There is a wide selection of items, produced in a fair way and without using chemicals or pesticides. Not sure what to buy? Ask the knowledgeable and environmentally passionate owners for advice!

Eguale – Fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate

If you’re not sure what to get a loved one for Christmas, something to eat is always a safe choice, and Gothenburg based Eguale have plenty of edibles to offer. Their vision is a trade that is fair to everyone involved, all the way from farmer to consumer, and they’ve been working with fair trade and organic production since 1976. Besides in Eguale’s own web shop, you’ll find their coffee, tea and chocolate in supermarkets Ica and Coop, special stores and fair trade shops.

Maska – high-quality knitwear

Didn’t have time to finish that Christmas sweater for grandpa? No worries, just swing by Maska’s shop on Fjärde Långgatan, where you’ll find comfy knitwear (and more) in natural fibres that will last for many winters to come. Sustainability is in focus throughout the company, who have taken the yarn quality and elaborate patterns of the hand knitting world and made them commercially available.

Credit: Jonas Kullman

Icebug – the world’s first climate positive outdoor shoe

Shoes or boots from Icebug is the perfect Christmas gift to the runner or outdoor person. The company became the first ever outdoor shoe company that created a climate positive product. They are still working step by step to improve their shoes – and minimise the carbon footprint. You’ll find Icebug’s shoes at their own concept store in central Gothenburg, or in one of Naturkompaniet’s three shops.

Go for second hand gifts

If you have vintage rarities, fun toys or unique design items on your Christmas gift list, you have a large selection of shops in Gothenburg with personal and selected second hand. At Erikshjälpen Rosenlund, you can find clothes, children’s gadgets and decor. Several shops also have a mix of new small-scale design and second hand – for example Aplace on Magasingsgatan and Vix Deco on Spinneriet in Lindome. Explore our guide to second hand and vintage shops in Gothenburg at the link below!