A traditional semla, this one from Konditori Kampanilen. Credit: Konditori Kampanilen

The traditional semla at Konditori Kampanilen

We will start with the classic, the traditional semla. At this time of the year, you can find the classic semla at pretty much every café in town, but we’re happy to give a shout out to the one at Konditori Kampanilen. Not only is it really tasty, but the café itself is very stylish and well worth a visit.

Coffee and semla together at last! Credit: Da Matteo

The coffee semla at da Matteo

Local coffee chain da Matteo is known for its great coffee, and they have found a way to combine their delicious semla with their coffee expertise. The coffee semla mixes espresso coffee with the almond paste, and the powdered sugar on top is replaced by cacao.

A match made in heaven! A cinnamon bun and a semla come together to form the kremla. Credit: Lilla Sur

The kremla at Lilla sur

Could really work? A cinnamon bun and a semla, together? Oh it works, it works just fine! The kremla at artisanal bakery Lilla sur east of the Gothenburg city centre has people queuing out the door! Get your hands on one (if you’re lucky) at Solrosgatan 11.

A treat for all senses, the wienersemla. Credit: Mr Cake

The wienersemla at Mr Cake

While the combination cinnamon bun and semla is fairly unusual, the combination danish pastry (wienerbröd in Swedish) and semla has become quite popular, and you will find one of the better-looking options at Mr Cake down by Stenpiren near the river Göta älv. A treat for all senses indeed.

A vegan semla at St Agnes at their previous location. Credit: Anders Storm

Vegan semla at Crippas café and St Agnes café

Everyone should be able to enjoy a semla, and if you are looking for vegan options then Crippas Café in the neighbourhood Majorna is a good place to start. At the design museum Röhsska, café St Agnes also offer tasty vegan (and gluten free) semla!