The market-leading train operating company in Sweden, SJ, is very ambitious when it comes to sustainability and all their trains carry the Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) label. SJ use 100 percent renewable electricity from mainly water power, and some from wind power. Also, train companies such as MTRX (Stockholm–Gothenburg) and Öresundstågen (Copenhagen–Gothenburg) work in similar ways.

If you’re travelling from the continent, perhaps from Paris, Hamburg, Berlin or Copenhagen, you will get a beautiful 3 hour tour through the south of Sweden. You will pass Malmö (Sweden’s third largest city) before continuing along the staggering west coast. Make sure not to fall asleep anywhere close to Varberg in Halland. Just outside your train window you will have a great view of the ocean, the dramatic beach and (quite possibly) large numbers of kite surfers wrestling the forces of mother nature.

Travelling from Stockholm, you will see a quite different kind of landscape. On your way from the east coast, you will enjoy approximately 3,5 hours of beautiful lakes, forests and Swedish small towns. Approaching Gothenburg, make sure to glance out the window while passing the two lakes Aspen and Mjörn. They are truly magnificent – and close to the train tracks!

Travelling from Oslo, the capital of Norway, is easy and cheap. Choose between bus and train and get ready for a real, yet comfortable, tour of the Swedish country side with deep forests and coastal views. Also bookable via SJ.

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