Located on the very same spot as where the Garden Society is located today was once the Bremströmska Brewery. It was managed by no one less than J A Pripps who after 16 years of running it in the early 1800s finally became the sole owner. He renamed it – Pripps Brewery – a brewery possibly best known for the classic beer Pripps Blå. Although Pripps Brewery is long gone, the beer lives on through Danish brand Carlsberg. But that was then. Today Gothenburg is the leading beer city in Sweden with plenty of craft breweries. And as already stated, beer is at its best while fresh – so let us guide you to the tap rooms of Gothenburg. Fresh beer, directly from the producer, on the spot!

Credit: Jonas Larsson

Spike Brewery

Spike Brewery is a paradise for all beer nerds out there. Enjoy really fresh beer straight out of the fermenters along with some wood fired pizza as they open up the brewery doors every Saturday. Would you like to bring the dog? No problem. There’s plenty of room for your four-legged friend.


At Beerbliotek in area Sandarna you’ll find both beer and brewers from near and far. The brewery that’s run by six friends from different parts of the world are brewing according to the simple philosophy that only brews they, themselves, would like to drink is worth brewing. And now there’s a whole library of beers to discover! Curious yet? Pay them a visit as they are open on Fridays and Saturdays. There are always at least ten different beers to choose from and you can even bring your own food(!), and your dog – of course. Don’t forget to keep track of their Facebook page, you’ll never know when a fun event might show up. Even been to a tap room concert?

Vega bryggeri

Next to Gotenius Shipyard on the north side of the river Göta Älv is Vega brewery. Here, the brewers are indeed working hard to brew great beer for all thirsty beer lovers out there, and they gladly take the extra step to make it happen. Visit their tap room open on selected Fridays, and normally in collaboration with some awesome food truck as well. Have you ever heard about beer-yoga? No? Like them on Facebook to keep up with their next event.

Två feta grisar

Två feta grisar, (in English: two fat pigs), got its name from two happily rooting pigs living outside their first brewery. Things scaled up from there and today the brewery is located in the area Ringön on the island of Hisingen, just a short busride from the city centre. Beer lovers are welcome on Wednesdays to Fridays for lunch and on Thursdays to Saturdays for evenings.

Odd Island Brewing

Odd Island Brewing kickstarted their brewery business in 2016 when Daniel Svensson and Peter Iwars both had left the tour life of In Flames behind for the art of brewing beer – full time. It started out quite small but scaled up quickly. In the beginning of 2019 they moved the brewery to a larger venue, and now they’re finally opening a tap room as well! They intend to stay open every weekend, Fridays between 3 pm–7 pm and Saturdays 2 pm–7 pm.

Majornas bryggeri

Majornas bryggeri is a small-scale brewery with a huge passion for beer and beer culture. On Karl Johansgatan 88, next to Chapmans torg, you can enjoy craft beers from their own as well as other local breweries, along with tasty vegetarian meals. They also arrange beer tastings and brewery tours where you get to learn more about the art of making beer.

Poppels bryggeri

Is Poppels the most famous of Gothenburg breweries? Maybe. A Poppels beer is on average consumed every 20 seconds in Sweden. And the brewery just keeps growing. Their tap room/restaurant is located at the old factory grounds of Jonsered – just a 12-minute train ride from the central station (no time at all if you know just how good that after work-beer tastes). If you’d rather stay in Gothenburg, you can also visit Poppel’s Citybryggeri’s gigantic beer pub and restaurant, with room for 170 seated guests, on Vikingsgatan 1 down by the Hisingsbron.

Sad Robot Brewing

At Sad Robot beers for the post-apocalyptic future is brewed, as they brewers themselves say. Order dystopic beer and something to eat at the brewery bar, surrounded by fermenters and cisterns. The bar is open every Friday, on the last weekend of every month Friday and Saturday. Feel free to bring your dog along as well!


Ten minutes with the commuter train from central Gothenburg you’ll find the new craft brewery Beerium, based in the power plant of a former glass factory. Their tap room is open the last Saturday of every month between February and November, and you can also book a private after work or beer tasting. “Hyperlocal” is the motto for this beer crew, and besides in restaurants and bars around Gothenburg, you’ll find their beer at Systembolaget in Nödinge, one commuter rail stop away.

En Aleigen

While being north of Gothenburg, head to the brewery En Aleigen’s tap room The Mothership. Located in the outskirts of the city of Kungälv, this tap room is open one to two Saturdays a month beteen 13-19. Here you can choose to try their own ale, IPA, pilsner or porter.

O/O Bar

The people behind the fantastic beer “Narangi” have finally opened their own bar in Gothenburg. You can sit down and enjoy a Narangi and many other beers from O/O at Bangatan 22 in the neighbourhood of Majorna, just a short walk from the square Stigbergstorget.

Ahlafors Bryggerier

Ahlafors Bryggerier is one of Sweden’s oldest microbreweries, and you can of course find them in Ahlafors outside of Gothenburg. The brewery has been brewing craft beer since 1996, but the ambition has never been to become the biggest. Instead, the brewery’s focus has always been small-scale with a local anchoring. Ahlafors also offers a tap room called Rulleriet, which serves unique beers that may only be offered on a single occasion. Rulleriet also collaborates with various food trucks.


Brewhuslän is a micro-brewery started in 2020. They brew mostly beer but sometimes also soft drinks. Of course, they have their own tap room where you can taste the brewery’s beers, play table tennis, hang out with friends or quiz. They are open every second weekend during odd weeks and are located in Jörlanda outside the city of Stenungsund.

Barlind Beer

Barlind Beer is a small-scale brewery that was started in the spring of 2015 by Jonas Barlind on Björkö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago. After working for several years as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry and then as an environmental consultant, Jonas decided to let the hobby of home brewing take over his professional life. Today, Barlind Beer is a beloved brewery with a bar and taproom that has more or less become a destination on Björkö.

Hönöbryggeriet on Öckerö.


During the spring and summer months, Hönöbryggeriet arranges tastings for local residents as well as beer-thirsty tourists. During these tours, tastings of the latest beers are offered as well as a guided tour among tanks and machines for those who are curious. In the Hönöbryggeriet’s Taproom, Folköl is also sold, which is currently a Lager 3.5, as well as Pale ale.

Bearded Rabbit

The small Gothenburg brewery Bearded Rabbit, with the associated tap room, can be found at Norra Ågatan 10 by Svingeln. Beer is brewed here with great love and passion, and many of the varieties are also found at Systembolaget.

Opening hours: Fridays 4 pm – 7:30 pm
Street address: Norra Ågatan 10

Opening hours odd weeks: Friday, 4 pm – 10 pm and Saturday, 3 pm – 10 pm
Where: Olof Wiks Väg 9C in Jörlanda

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