Cruise through the canals and waterways of Gothenburg with the rental service Let’s Boat. Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

1. Rent your own electric boat

Put on your captain’s hat and steer en electric boat through the canals and waterways of Gothenburg. The boats from Let’s Boat seat 12 people and the electric engine is both silent and environmentally friendly. You are allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks, a perfect way to combine a sightseeing trip with a picnic!

Bring your own bike, or use one of the many rental Styr & Ställ ones, to explore Gothenburg this summer.

2. Bike through Gothenburg

Exploring Gothenburg by bike has never been easier, thanks to the new bicycle map available at the Gothenburg Visitor Centre. If you did not bring your own bicycle, you can rent one or use the city bike sharing system Styr & Ställ.

Perhaps you would like someone to show you around? Bike tour Gothenburg will take you on customised guided tours throughout the city. For more fast paced cycling, check out MTB Experience of one of the many other mountain bike tour operators.

Två personer paddlar kajak i kanalen vid drottningtorget.
Renting a kayak in Gothenburg is easier than ever, thanks to the new service “kayakomat” by Point65. Credit: Anders Wester

3. Kayaking made easy

Sharing is caring and the new invention “Kayakomat” by Point65 makes it easier than ever to share kayaks. Log on and book your kayak online, and pick it up at the check out point where you want to use it. There are three check out sites in Gothenburg, offering different forms of kayaking.

Try the lakes around Landvetter by checking out your kayak at Långenäs, or Lilla Bommen if you are after city kayaking. The third kayakomat is located on the archipelago island of Vrångö and will let you try the open waters. There are also several other kayak operators available

Sightseeingbussen Ocean Bus kör ner i vattnet vid Röda Sten
Ocean Bus takes you on a sightseeing tour on land and at sea – with the same bus!

4. Is it a boat, is it a bus? It’s Ocean Bus!

Do not freak out if you see a giant shark rolling towards you as you are walking down the main boulevard Avenyn. It is (hopefully) just Ocean Bus out on a tour. Ocean Bus is a unique sightseeing experience that lets you discover the best of Gothenburg on land and by sea. After a tour through the city, the shark-painted amphibious bus enters the river Göta älv with a spectactular splash down by the area Klippan.

två personer sitter i trädgårdsföreningen och vinkar tillsightseeingbåten Paddan.
A tour with the sightseeing boat Paddan is a popular way to discover Gothenburg. Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

5. Discover Gothenburg through iconic sightseeing boat Paddan

The Paddan tours have been around for over 60 years and they are just as popular as ever. They will take you on a guided tour through the canals and waterways, where you will learn more about the past, present and future of Gothenburg.

Sightseeing-tåget Stinsen utanför Stora teatern.
Choose between a city tour and a park tour on the Stinsen sightseeing train. Credit: Beatrice Törnros

6. Choo-choo! Hop on board Stinsen

Stinsen is an adorable little train, and a great way to experience Gothenburg. Choose between the shorter tour in Slottsskogen City Park (with lush greenery, and animals such as penguins, seals and moose) or go for a ride in the city and admire cosy Haga, impressive Vasastan and the historic city centre.

The northern side of the river Göta älv is one of the many charming walks in Gothenburg.

7. Walk and talk

Gothenburg is a very walkable city with plenty of sights and attractions within a short distance of each other. Explore on your own or book a tour with Walknet or a certified city guide. There are also thematised walks available, such as the ones offered by Crime Walks Göteborg, where you will learn more about the thieves and villains of Gothenburg’s past.

Gothenburg celebrates 400 years this year, and now you can discover the history of Gotheburg through a new, interactive walk. Visit 12 specific spots, scan a QR code and you will be transported back in time! More information and a map is available in Swedish here.

Explore the Gothenburg archipelago on a guided boat tour this summer.

8. Archipelago boat tours

The Gothenburg archipelago is amazing and a reason to visit all on its own. A guided boat tour will show you some of the best sights and can include everything from fishing crab to a seal safari. Kastor Boat Tours and Marine Events are two of many operators offering boat tours.

9. Gothenburg from above

A ride in a hot air balloon ride offers spectacular views as you glide silently over Gothenburg. Book your tour with Dream balloon. If the balloon ride is outside your budget, check out the roof top bars in Gothenburg for more great views.