Café Husaren on the street Haga Nygata 28 Credit: Tina Stafrén Credit: Tina Stafrén

Café Husaren

For those of you who like to eat more than just one bun at a time, you must visit Café Husaren in the neighborhood Haga. Here you only need to buy one bun for the whole party (or for yourself) because the buns here are gigantic. The “Hagabullen” is considered to be almost holy by the citizens of Gothenburg, and a must for you who love cinnamon buns.

Lilla Sur

In the middle of the neighborhood Kålltorp in the eastern parts of Gothenburg you’ll find the small bakery Lilla Sur. The cinnamon buns here are amazing, both sugary delicious and with a nice cinnamon flavor. During the semla season (January and February), the bakery bakes its legendary kremla – a combination of a semla and their delicious cinnamon bun.

Cum Pane on the street Mariagatan 17

Cum Pane

At Cum Pane, buns are baked from organic ingredients, and the flour used has been ground in stone mills. The flour is also completely free of additives and completely fresh, which means that no nutrients have been lost. You’ll find this nice little bakery in both Majorna and Olskroken.

St Agnes

If you’re looking for vegan cinnamon buns, St Agnes, the cafe you’ll find at the Röhsska museum, bakes very good options. You can just pop in here for a coffee and fika, or to combine the visit with a lovely tour around the museum’s large collection of design objects.

Ahlströms Konditori

It doesn’t get more classic than this. Ahlströms Konditori on the street Korsgatan opened its doors as early as 1901 and is one of Gothenburg’s oldest patisseries. Here you can enjoy a classic cinnamon bun with pearl sugar – the original way.

Gunnebo café

In the middle of the kitchen garden at Gunnebo House is the KRAV-certified Gunnebo Bakery and café. Here, the cinnamon buns are baked completely from scratch, without additives, with only the finest organic ingredients. A visit here is highly recommended, but should you feel like trying the cinnamon buns but don’t have the time to get to the cafe, you can buy the buns at the organic store Bara Bra Mat, which you can find in both Majorna and Olskroken.