“Den blå bussen” (The Blue Bus) by Ragnar Sandberg. Photo: Hossein Sehatlou, Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Gothenburg Colourists, now – April 7, 2024

At the Gothenburg Museum of Art, you can experience the Gothenburg Colourists – a group of artists who lived and worked on the Swedish west coast. The vast majority of the group of artists had been students at Valand’s painting school during the 1920s. During the 30s they made a breakthrough with their powerful color expressionism. To name a few, the Gothenburg colourists includes Åke Göransson, Ivan Ivarson, Ragnar Sandberg, and Inga Englund-Kihlman.

A World of Games, now – Summer 2024

The exhibition A World of Games at the Museum of World Culture takes you on a journey in the spirit of games, from 4,000-year-old board games to today’s game culture. In the exhibition, you will also be able to challenge your loved ones, learn about games that are banned and play copies of games from the collections.

Victor Hasselblad. Photo: Hasselblad Foundation

I am the Camera, now – December 30

The Hasselblad Foundation celebrates Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary with the new permanent exhibition I am the Camera. The exhibition has been inspired by Victor Hasselblad’s interest in nature and includes historical material that has rarely been shown as well as several contemporary works. Among other things, you can see Hendrik Zeitler’s nature photograms in the series “1:1 Hammarkullen” and Susanne Fagerlund’s hologram from “the Doppelgänger series”, created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.

400 years of history, now – January 7, 2024

The Museum of Gothenburg welcomes you to explore 400 years of history through its four basic exhibitions about Gothenburg’s dramatic history. A journey through time, from the mystery of the medieval silver heart to the world’s first Volvo. The 400 years-exhibitions can be found on the second floor of the museum.

From “Sea of Stories”. World traveler Signe Berlin, born in 1885 in Gothenburg, made 33 trips during her lifetime and traveled around the world eleven times. By: Kristin Lidell

Sea of Stories, permanent exhibition

Thanks to hundreds of objects, personal stories, pictures and archive footage, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium takes you on a 400-year journey to foreign ports and stormy seas. In the exhibition Sea of Stories, you meet the people who crossed and used the world’s oceans for 400 years.

Galleri Thomassen

In the art quarters of Vasastaden, in the central parts of Gothenburg, there are plenty of exciting small galleries that shows contemporary art from both established artists to ground-breaking newcomers. One of the examples is Galleri Thomassen, which you’ll find at the street Götabergsgatan 32. The gallery was founded in 1990 by Paul Thomassen, who represents both new and recognized artists. See current exhibitions here.

The 90s at Mölndals Stadsmuseum, now – April 7, 2024

At Mölndals Stadsmuseum, you can travel back in time to the 1990s for a while, and experience the decade’s wonderful music, fashion, events and trends. The museum is also looking for period items, so if you have something from the 90s that you still want to get rid of – why not put it on display instead?