Kaninlandet på Liseberg
Visit the rabbits at Liseberg amusement park this summer. Credit: Stefan Karlberg

Visit Sweden’s most popular tourist attraction

Bring the kids and enjoy wonderful rides, great food and lots of fun. By the way, did you know that the park is run entirely on renewable electricity?

The rainforest at Universeum is full of exciting plants and animals.

Experience the rainforest at Universeum Science Park

Universeum is not only a fun and educational place to visit – it’s also a small piece of the puzzle in the conservation of the world’s wildlife. One third of all animal and plant species are at risk of extinction within this century and therefore Universeum participates in various conservation programs to protect biodiversity.

But above all, they make an important contribution by sharing knowledge about the world that we share. Make a fun – and important – visit!

The “Paddan” sightseeing boat is a popular way to see the city.

Explore Gothenburg from the river

Gothenburg’s public transport company Västtrafik is at the forefront of sustainable transportation. To take the electric ferry “Elvy” between Lindholmen and Stenpiren is a fun, sustainable and cheap way to see the city by the river – and not least the new bridge Hisingsbron!

If you get the urge for more boating, you have the sightseeing boat “Paddan” and the electric rental boats “Let’s boat”.

In Slottsskogen you can watch elks, deer, sheep and more.

Visit the Slottsskogen city park zoo

In the vast Slottsskogen city park you will meet moose, deer and the unique Swedish pony known as “Gotlandsruss”. The park also takes part in preserving old varieties of pigs, chicken et cetera. Visiting Slottsskogen is free and there’s a handful of kiosks and restaurants nearby.

When in Slottsskogen, you should also take the opportunity to visit the immensely popular playground, Plikta.

Råda Gelato
Råda Gelato makes their ice cream without artificial ingredients. Credit: Happy Visuals

Ice cream in and from Gothenburg

Triumfglass, Lejonet och Björnen and Råda Gelato – these are some of Gothenburg’s local ice cream brands. Do as the locals and head to ice cream hotspots at Linnégatan (Råda Gelato), Karl Johansgatan (Triumfglass) or Danska Vägen (Lejonet och Björnen).

Skansen Kronan is a popular picnic spot. Credit: Superstudio

Skansen Kronan and the waffle café Soldattorpet

Take the stairs from Haga up to the old fortress Skansen Kronan and enjoy the view! Need to convince the kids to climb all the way up? Well, there’s a café where you can get freshly baked, crispy waffles.

Tim och Virvelina
Board a range of different ships at the Maritime Museum. Credit: Maritiman

Experience the port city with Maritiman

Gothenburg is a port city with a rich maritime heritage. At the Maritime Museum, you will experience Gothenburg’s history by boarding a number of ships. Everything from military fighters to lightships and submarines. Do not miss to book your visit in advance.

Sit back and relax on the cute little train Stinsen. Credit: Beatrice Törnros

Explore Gothenburg from a cute little train

Gothenburg’s cutest train is called Stinsen and will take you on a pleasant tour through the city (or through Slottsskogen city park if you want a shorter trip). The only risk is that the children will want to go again and again and again.

Visit Alfie Atkins’ home next to the park Trädgårdsföreningen. Credit: Beatrice Törnros

Visit the home of Alfie Atkins

The creator of the popular children’s book character Alfie Atkins, Gunilla Bergström, was born in Gothenburg. Just a stone’s throw from the central station, and even closer to the beautiful park Trädgårdsföreningen you’ll find Alfies own cultural centre where you can watch performances, experience Alfon’s fantasy world and play for hours.

Inside the park there is also a very good playground.

Explore Sweden’s aviation history at Aeroseum.

Volvo Museum and Aeroseum

For children interested in cars and planes – and their parents – there are two museums especially worth a visit in Gothenburg. One is located 30 meters under ground in a former super-secret defense facility and the other is filled with Volvo cars. Do we need to say more?