Enjoy a waffle in a unique setting att Våffelcafé Soldattorpet.

Våffelcafé Solddattorpet

Sit down in the shadow of 17th century fortification Skansen Kronan and enjoy a waffle while looking out over the roof tops of Gothenburg. The location of Våffelcafé Soldattorpet is hard to beat. Take a deep breath and climb up the stairs of Risåsberget, you won’t regret it. Open on weekends, and the official Swedish waffle day, March 25.

Credit: Jeska Hearne, Lobster & Swan/Westsweden.com

Café Kringlan

In the picturesque neighbourhood Haga, made up of wooden houses and pebbled pedestrian streets, is Café Kringlan. Take a waffle break while exploring the shops in Haga Nygata, where you find everything from hats and organic toys to antiques, interior decoration and spices.

Credit: Katja Ragnstam

Dyrön’s waffle cafe

You can reach the island Dyrön north of Gothenburg by ferry from Rönnängs Brygga on Tjörn or from Rökan just before Marstrand. Here at the small, cosy unmanned waffle cafe, you make your own waffles and pay with Swish. Combine the waffles with a hike on the nice trails on the island and don’t miss looking out for the wild mouflon sheep scurrying around. Read more at vastsverige.com.


Want to try something different? This cosy café in Vasaplatsen offers different takes on the thicker Belgian waffle, topped with fresh fruit, homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce. And if you’re on the run you can have yout waffles to go, straight from the window!

Vasaplatsen 11A

Combine a walk in Slottsskogen City Park with a tasty waffle at Café Bräket. Credit: Steampipe Production Studio

Slottsskogens våffelstuga (Café Bräket)

Slottsskogen, the locals’ favourite place to unwind, is dominated by natural parkland with native trees such as linden, beech, maple and various species of oak. Next to the park zoo, with elks, Gotland ponies and Gute sheep, Café Bräket serves classic Swedish waffles. Try a sweet version with cloudberry jam and whipped cream, or a salty one with the famous West Coast shrimps.

Kaffestugan Lyckan

Want to top off your waffles with a bit of nature and fresh air? Head for Kaffestugan Lyckan in the Delsjön area, a short tram ride from the city centre. They are open all year round, and surrounded by stunning woodland, shimmering lakes and cute little rabbits and goats.

Brobacka coffee house in Alingsås

Brobacka coffee house is located by the lakes Mjörn and Anten, outside Alingsås west of Gothenburg. The adjacent nature reserve offers beautiful hiking trails, and in the the cosy coffee house you can “fika” with coffee, waffles and homemade baked gods.

Read more about Brobacka coffe house at vastsverige.com.