Distance: approximately 3 km
Estimated time: 2 hours
Level: Easy to Medium, fairly short walk but quite a few steps to climb before you reach the top of the hill Risåsberget. 

When the Palm House was designed, the Crystal Palace in London served as model.

The Garden Society of Gothenburg

It’s up to you if you want to have a look around the impressive Garden Society of Gothenburg or if you’d rather head out straight away. Once you’ve left the Garden Society, head towards the main boulevard Avenyn and follow it until you reach the street Vasagatan. On your way you will pass many of the popular restaurants and bars on the main boulevard, including the award winning Le Pain Francais Bistro.


Stroll along the tree lined Vasagatan, the main street of the neighbourhood Vastastan, passing several of the University of Gothenburg buildings along the way. The pretty stone houses that make up the Vasastan cityscape date back to 1870 – 1920 and are a distinct feature of the area. Vasastan is also home to several art galleries.

When you reach the end of Vasagatan, cross Sprängkullsgatan and turn right and keep going until you reach the street Haga Nygata.

Credit: Frida Winter

Haga Nygata

Haga is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg and the street Haga Nygata is the bustling pedestrian street that cuts through it. Here the people of Gothenburg and visitors come to visit the many cafés, boutiques and restaurants. This is also where you’ll pick up your “fika”. There are several cafés to choose from, but if you want to try something special, check out the famous giant cinnamon buns from Café Husaren.

Skansen Kronan

Turn on to the street Östra Skansgatan and walk until you reach the stairs leading up the hill Risåsberget. Climb the stairs, it’s worth it we promise. Once you reach the top you’ll face the fortress Skansen Kronan. It was completed in 1697 and had 23 cannons ready for battle, but in the end was never attacked. There are plenty of benches to choose from, or you can simply sit down on the grass and enjoy your newly purchased “fika” while enjoying a spectacular view of Gothenburg.

When you’ve finished your cinnamon bun and are ready to head back, you can either walk or get a tram from the stop Hagakyrkan.