Anniversary celebrations in June

It’s finally time for Gothenburg’s big celebration of the city’s 400th anniversary! On June 2–5 everyone is treated to a fantastic festival program of concerts, stand-up comedy, activities for families, circus, try-on workshops and much more at Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival. Read everything about the festival at and plan your visit on June 2-5.

But that’s not the only anniversary this year, many of Gothenburg’s most popular and beloved places are turning 100 years old in 2023: the amusement park Liseberg, Gothenburg Museum of Art and the art gallery Göteborgs konsthall were all built in 1923, when the city celebrated 300 years.
Liseberg opened its 100th season on April 22, as did their newly built hotel Liseberg Grand Curiosa. During 2023 there will be four anniversary events in the amusement park. During the Jubilee weekend June 1–4, the park highlights its 100-year history with several exciting activities, guided tours and concerts.

Pride-week in Gothenburg

The West Pride festival is held every year in Gothenburg. It’s an art and culture festival that creates safe spaces for LGBTQI people and emphasizes norm-criticism and LGBTQI person’s experiences. The festival includes the areas Pride Park and a Pride House, and a Pride Parade marches through the city on June 10.

Concerts with Patti Smith, Metallica, and Bruce Springsteen

In June, Gothenburg welcomes a three of the world’s most iconic rock artists. On June 3, Chicago-born Patti Smith visits Gothenburg for an indoor concert at the magnificent concert hall. June 16 and 18, Metallics lands at the outdoor arena Ullevi for two concerts – with two completely separate song lists and line-ups. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band are true Gothenburg favourites – we in fact call him “our king”. After a six year long wait, they will return to the Ullevi arena for three concerts on June 24, June 26 and June 28.

The Wonderful Colour: Gothenburg colourism in a new light. An exhibition at Gothenburg Museum of Art during 2023/2024. Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Art exhibitions and festivals

In the eventful month of June, also makes time to visit Gothenburg’s amazing museums and art galleries. The Hasselblad Foundation for photography presents the first major solo exhibition in Sweden of the acclaimed artist duo Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt. Their works revolve around global political events and their historical layers, often in relation to mainstream media.

At the Gothenburg Museum of Art, you can explore the history and influence of the art collective Gothenburg’s colourists. The exhibition The Wonderful Colour highlights their unique artistic expression, and tells the story of Gothenburg during the 1930’s. The exhibition also marks the 100-year anniversary of the Museum of Art.

The art gallery Göteborgs Konsthall also has its centennial anniversary this year. Thus, the gallery has put on a large-scale group exhibition with 30 contemporary Gothenburg artists. In I’m Imagining a Home visitors can explore the art scene of today and their relationships to Gothenburg. June 9-11, Göteborg Konsthall kick-starts the exhibition with a three-day backyard festival with concerts, artist talks and performances.

Midsummer and National Day celebrations

Midsummer is a storied ritual, that almost all Swedes celebrates on a Friday evening around the day of the summer solstice. This year Midsummer Eve is held on June 23 – join in on the festivities with flower wreaths in your hair, dancing around and Swedish traditional food like herring. Have a look at our events calendar for all the Midsummer festivities.

On June 6, it’s the Swedish National Day. This year it coincides with the big celebration of Sweden’s 500-year anniversary. This year it will be 500 years since Sweden left the union with Denmark and Norway, thus becoming an independent country! Read more about Sweden’s history on, and find the National Day celebrations at our events calendar.

Credit: House of Vision/Göteborg & Co

Vintage fashion events

On June 10, The Vintage Day Party 2023 is organised to highlight the city’s range of vintage and slow fashion. The whole square at Magasinsgatan will be filled with vintage music, clothes, and food, it’s a full day out.
On the same day, you can also go vintage hunting on a guided shopping tour. Second hand safari is a tour to Gothenburg’s best vintage and thrift shops led by stylist Theresa Skjolden.