* Credit: Happy Visuals / Göteborg & Co

1. Öckerö Hamn, Öckerö

Here you’ll find a jetty with stairs, as well as a sauna that needs to be booked in advance. Warm up after the swim with a tasty soup, lunch or Swedish fika at Öckerö hamncafé.

2. Nimbus, Öckerö

At this jetty you get stunning views of the island Kalvsund. Book the sauna through Nimbus Öckerö – they also offer a restaurant, a cafe and accommodation.

3. Hjälvik, Öckerö

This spot offers a changing cabin, a barbecue site, a sandy beach and breathtaking nature. At the nearby sports hall Göstahallen you’ll find a skate park, a playground and an outdoor gym – in case you need to warm up before swimming.

Hjälviks badplats

4. Hästens badplats, Hönö

A few hundred metres from Hönö Klåva you’ll find this lovely swimming spot with a beach, a jetty and stairs. The surroundings are perfect for a relaxing walk along the archipelago cliffs.

5. Klarvik Björkö 

The island Björkö offers a wonderful landscape and many great swimming spots. At Klarvik you’ll find stairs as well as an amazing view of the islands Hälsö and Källö‑Knippla. Warm up with food and drinks at Björkö pizzeria, Skeppshandeln or Ica – and check out Björkö SeaLodge.

Credit: Happy Visuals / Göteborg & Co

6. Ganletbadet

Here you’ll find a small beach as well as swimming stairs on the cliffs in beautiful surroundings. Check out nearby restaurant Jungman Jansson at Önnereds brygga that serve lunch during weekdays.

Ganlet Badplats, Näset

7. Smithska Udden

This cape, also known as “Smitten”, is a popular spot among people of all ages. Here you’ll find swimming stairs and cliffs, as well as a playground for the kids.

8. Hovås Kallbadhus

This place is a relaxing oasis with its sandy beach, cosy sea huts and inviting restaurant. The sauna needs to be booked in advance, and you can also rent towels and bathrobes.

9. Marholmens badplats 

Across the bay from Askimsbadet, you’ll find this little gem of a swimming spot with jetties and stairs, as well as cliffs to jump from for the more daring swimmers.

10. Fiskebäcksbadet

Here you can enter the water from the cliffs, the beach, the dock or the stairs. For a nice meal or hot drink afterwards, check out nearby Café Sjöboa.

11. The Public Pool in Frihamnen

The new harbour bath in the park Jubileumsparken is open for swimming all year round. Here you’ll find two saltwater pools, changing rooms and heating tents for relaxation with hot drinks and blankets.