Take a tour around the city with Anna McManus and her dog, Cosmos. This video is full of places suitable for your dog! Check out Anna’s Instagram: Dogenburg.

Where can you stay overnight together?

Choose between a luxury room or enjoy your stay in a “normal” hotel room suitable for dogs. Gothenburg has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to accommodation.

Live a life in luxury with your dog

Hotel Pigalle treats your dog like a royal family member. The dog room is equipped with organic dog food from Wonderboo. You can also find a special dog bed made from oak, and a fancy blanket to stay warm.

If you want to take your dog for a walk you can ask the receptionist for a leash designed by the duo Altewaisaome, in collaboration with Wonderboo. 

Many dog friendly hotels in Gothenburg

There are plenty of hotels with room for pets. For instance, Hotel Eggers, Clarion Hotel Post and Scandic Rubinen all have rooms available for your dogs.

Hotell Villan, located on Hisingen, has a few rooms where your dog gets a V.I.D (Very Important Dog) treatment. This kit includes dog food, a towel and a bowl.

Credit: Studiografen / Göteborg & Co

Where can you eat together?

No matter if you want food, some coffee or just want to get out to grab a beer or a glass of wine, there is a place for you and your dog.

Pétanque, beer, concerts and quiz – you choose

Boulebar is a classic place. In this bar you can play pétanque, eat and stay in the outside garden with your dog. If you instead just fancy a beer you should head to Brewdog, a place with its own dog brew, the Subwoofer (and yes, of course it is a non-alcoholic beer).

At Esperantoplatsen you will find Zamenhof with its three restaurants under the same roof. They serve, among other things, barbecues, freshly made juices and poké bowls. If the weather allows it, you could also spend your time in the amazing open-air café. 

If you crave for some brunch, or a nice quiz, you should head to Brunchoteket at Linnégatan – a restaurant for enjoyers of life and of course your dog.

Treat yourself – restaurants with dog menu or amazing scenery

Tapas by River is located in the western part of Eriksberg – right by the dock with a lovely view of the ocean. Indulge in different types of tapas from the forest, the sea and from plants.

If you want to continue your admiration of food with your dog you should head to Villa Belparc – beautifully situated in Slottsskogen, right next to Stora Dammen. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine, your call.

If you want to treat your dog in a special way, the restaurants of Avenyfamiljen has developed its own dog menu. The French restaurant Levantine, the Italian Taverna Averna, and Kafé Magasinet serve three courses especially to your dog. Choose between beef, fish or a more healthy option.

Credit: Mika Aberra

Get cosy with a classic “fika”

If you want to experience some Swedish fika culture, there are many places in the area. 

Flickorna på Färjenäs is a classic café, located in a turn of the century-house at Hisingen. Even though Flickorna på Färjenäs hasn’t been there since the start, there has been a café in the house since 1906. Nowadays your dog is treated like a VIP guest with homemade dog food at arrival.

Frilagret also welcomes your dog in a special area of their café. Due to allergies the dog is not allowed by the counter. Baka Stenugnsbageri and Leymans café is two additional cafés welcoming dogs as well. Baka has the opportunity to deliver their products to your house, while Leymans also has a nice art gallery. 

Be aware that different restaurants have different rules when it comes to dogs. Always check at the specific restaurant to be sure what rules apply.

Credit: Frida Winter

Play and hang out with your dog

Parks, green areas, swimming spots and cinema – Gothenburg has everything your dog needs to appreciate life.

What rules apply in the parks of Gothenburg?

There are several exercise yards where you can unleash the dogs. Keep in mind to have a dialogue with other dog owners, in case there is a problem, so that everyone can the best time possible.

Dogs are welcome in the park Slottsskogen, if they are leashed. If you want to unleash the dog in the nearby area you can do so at Majvallen, an exercise yard. Leashed dogs are welcome to Gothenburg Botanical Garden as well, but only between October 1 to February 28. In the summer months, special and sensitive plants and flowers are growing, and needs to be protected. 

In other parks such as the Garden Society and Liseberg, dogs are not welcome at any time of the year.

Read more about the rules that apply for dogs in parks and green areas.

Bio Capitol

If we as humans are able to watch a movie in one of our cinemas, so should the dogs too! The first Sunday of every month, Bio Capitol has a dog screening at 6 pm.

Read more about the dog cinema at Bio Capitol here

Go swimming with your dog

Everyone has the right to a refreshening swim in the ocean. At the municipal swimming spots, all dogs must be leashed. On some of these places, dogs are prohibited between May 1 to September 15. 

The swimming spots where dogs are prohibited during these months are the following: Askimsbadet, Härlanda tjärn, Lillebybadet, Näsetbadet, Hovåsbadet, Sillviksbadet and Fiskebäcksbadet. 

Regular rules applies at any other time of the year – which means they need to be leashed.

Dog on a ferry looking at the endless ocean.

How does it work with dogs and public transport?

In Gothenburg, dogs are welcome to jump on the public transport, but they need to be leashed. There are no additional costs for your dog, but it is not allowed to occupy a seat – due to allergies.

Normally only one pet per vehicle is allowed, it is the driver deciding whether more pets are allowed. However, if a dog owner has two dogs both are of course allowed to step on.  

If you should bring your dog on any of the public transportations, please be seated in the back of the vehicle due to allergies. On board the ferries of Västtrafik, dogs should be seated to the right or on deck.

Leader dogs are exceptions to the rules. Theys are always welcome in any spot of the vehicle.

Read more about pets on board the public transport on Västtrafik’s website.

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