How do you make a festival that’s environmentally sound?

For us at the Gothenburg Culture Festival, it’s important to try and prevent waste and offer sustainable food and drink. We need to communicate this to our partners and make sure we, and they, keep what we promise. It’s also important to use the festival as an inspiration for visitors and the public to make them even more aware of what they can do to help. We do so with vegetarian workshops, waste workshops and other activities centred around sustainability.

Tell us more about Green corner and the ambition to make the Culture festival free from disposable products!

Green corner is a place of inspiration, a space focused on sustainability. We have tons of exciting foods from all corners of Gothenburg, all vegetarian of course. We’re encouraging visitors to bring their own lunch boxes by offering 10 % off from all food vendors. We also have a mobile dishwasher enabling us to use regular plates and glasses, rather than single-use ones. So far the response has been really positive.

We realise that our goal to have a festival totally free of disposable products by 2021 is a great challenge, but it’s something we believe is possible and a lot of what we’re doing this year to reduce waste is a huge step in that direction.

Name one thing that visitors can’t miss at this years Culture Festival!

Well, I’ll admit that I’m not totally impartial but I’m going to say GREEN CORNER at the park Bältesspännareparken! There’s just so much fun going on there, with vegetables from urban farms, workshops on sustainability and this weekend popular vegan blogger “Jävligt Gott” stops by!