The shop in Majorna closed in april 2018. New shop at a new location will open this autumn. Follow Kvart on Facebook for more information. 

– I am quite meticulous, in that I want things done my way. Not that it’s my way or no way, but like now I really want to move this vase for instance, and as soon as I’ve moved it I’ll feel better!

Joanna Bagge welcomes us in her shop Kvart Interiör, located in a county governor style house, typical of the neighbourhood Majorna. She moves her vase from one shelf to another, takes a step back and considers her newly created still life.

Moving things around and getting them just “right” has been a huge part of Joanna Bagges adult life. She was only 20 years old when she was appointed store manager and assigned to style one of the major fashion stores in Gothenburg. Since then she’s styled countless rooms. Shops, apartments, hospital areas and offices have all been decorated by Joanna, and she’s also managed to refurbish 8 apartments of her own. 

"It was slightly surreal to have these huge bloggers discussing my headboard"

While Joanna Bagge certainly has received both plenty of attention and admiration, it reached new heights in 2015 when images of Joanna’s own apartment, styled to go on the market, went viral.

– It was slightly surreal to have these huge bloggers discussing my head board for instance, but there you go. I would be a terrible celebrity, all that attention made me exhausted, Joanna says and laughs.

Nowadays, Joanna does less of home staging and styling for realtors, instead she focuses on set design in advertising and interior design of public spaces and shops. And her own shop, Kvart Interiör, of course.

– We used to be located by Mariaplan, just a few hundred metres from here. But I didn’t want a shop that was open 6-7 days  a week. I found that it took too much time away from doing other things that I wanted to do. When I told people I was closing, I had so many saying that they loved the shop and they wished I wouldn’t close, so when this space became available I thought why not!

So Kvart is still around, although a little bit smaller and with a little more limited opening hours. Interior design aficionados will appreciate the carefully selected design piece, furniture and accessories.

– I would venture a guess that about 90% of the shop items are Danish, I just love Danish design, and the other 10 % is from local designers, says Johanna.

She goes on to praise the range of interior design on offer in Gothenburg, the many excellent design shops in the city, and she emphasises the position of Gothenburg as the Swedish capital of styling.

– The best stylists are in Gothenburg, it’s just the way it is. I think it has to do with the fact that we work together, we learn from each other and we help each other out. It’s an inspiring environment. 

Joanna Bagge’s Gothenburg tips

For interior design, Fine Little Day (visit their website here) at Spinneriet in Lindome is great, and Artilleriet of course. I’m a fan of the vintage shops Majornas Saker Från Förr and Fabriken, and I visit quite a lot of flea markets. Afro Art is another good shop!

Eat, drink and do?

Try the risotto at Enoteca Maglia here in Majorna, it’s amazing! The best coffee in town is found at Bar Centro. You should also try the new Japanese restaurant Bonito, an incredible experience. Don’t miss the up and coming area of Kvillebäcken, with the market hall and the restaurant Antibarbarus leading the way.

For some relaxation, head to the Botanical Garden and their Japanese garden, or visit the archipelago islands. And I think people should visit the Gothenburg Opera more!