Heyday is a combined shop and coffee bar, run by sisters Kajsa and Charlotta Söderberg.

What made you start up Heyday?
– We’ve always dreamt about owning our own business and preferably a shop. We both get a kick out of realizing ideas and following our dreams. We’re also hoping to contribute to making the selection of shops in Gothenburg even better. Since we both love fika, colour and design, the decision to start a coffee bar and interior design shop was really a no-brainer.

What can I find in your shop?
– We’re really in to people who do their own thing. That’s why we’ve tried to find producers and designers, Swedish and international, who are not yet house hold names that we can help promote. The actual products are chosen using Lovestyle, meaning that it’s not a particular trend that dictates what we sell but rather what we like. Because of this you’ll find everything from balloons, pens, make-your-lamp to doubly certified coffee and the world’s best biscuits (made by us, of course). 

What kind of person will absolutely love Heyday?
– If you’re curious about new and exciting things, if you enjoy making yourself and others happy, then we’re positive a visit to our pink dream world will make your day better.  

3 tips for the Gothenburg visitor

1. What's the Deli

If you’re in Gothenburg you have to visit our friends keeping it real at the square Mariaplan, sandwich shop What’s the deli. Their Räk in roll (shrimp roll) and mack’n ost (mac and cheese) are to die for.

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2. Fatimas

Then there’s our homegirl who runs Fatimas. A real Moroccan pearl near the street Oskarsleden. Try their French fries or their amazingly juicy tagine.

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3. Barabicu

Last but not least, make sure to stop by ”Barran” (Barabicu) at the Rosenlund area for a drink. Our man Berko behind the bar serves up delicious drinks that’ll make your taste buds sing.

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