The duo founded the alternative fashion store Klädoteket in 2012 to inspire costumers to consume more sustainable fashion. To increase the life of their products Klädoteket gives you the possibility to rent clothes and accessories from the store, instead of just buying them. With the festival fashion UP! they took a step further to reach out with their message. 

Hi there, Klädoteket. Tell us about who you are?
– We are a creative duo who are very passionate about to set on the fashion industry to an industry filled with responsibility and respect.

Tell us about Fashion UP! How did you came up with the idea to organise a fashion festival?
– We want to inspire people by highlighting the positive examples of the fashion industry. It was then we realised that we needed to create a fashion festival that revolves around responsibility and respect. As a customer it might be difficult to know the downsides of the industry, when environmental impact and working conditions are kept non-visible. Even if many consumers are aware, it is still hard to change their consumption behaviour. We want to change that!

What are your best tips for building a sustainable style?

– You can consume fashion in different ways. When you buy clothes that you will use for a long time you should keep in mind to buy materials that are more environmentally sound and produced under fair conditions. You can also buy second hand or vintage clothes. These purchases can also be combined with rented clothes to replace and renew your look. You can come a long way creativity and find new ways to combine the garments that you already have in your closet, and maybe even re-design clothes by yourself.


4 Sustainable Gothenburg Tips from Sara and Louise:

1. Klädoteket

Sara and Louise's own fashion store takes an obvious first place. Here you can rent or buy second-hand, vintage and design clothing.

2. Alelyckan recycling park

At Alelyckan recycling park  you can leave things you want to get rid of for recycling and at the same time find second hand furniture, building materials and other items at low prices.

3. Cykelköket (The Bike Kitchen)

Cykelköket is a free do-it-yourself workshop for anyone who needs to repair or serve your bike. The business also serves as a recycling center for discarded and abandoned bicycles and bicycle parts. Here you can also learn all about bike repairing on various courses and workshops.

4. Hagabions café and Bar Kino

Hagabions café and Bar Kino is one of the most ambitious and popular restaurants in the city which only serves vegetarian dishes.