Fishing history, salty swims and sunny terraces

For those interested in fishing and local history, we suggest a visit to the Fishing Museum in Hönö Klåva. In the welcoming harbour there are also plenty of restaurants and cafés. Northwestern Hönö consists of the nature reserve Ersdalen and on the southwest side there are beautiful walking paths. The cliffs spread out along the coasts of Hönö and invites you to cooling baths. Close to the harbour are the bathing spots Hästen and Lappesand with piers and facilities, and a bit further off, on the other side of the island, you will find Jungfruviken and Halse Långe.

Biking – the easiest way to get around

There are plenty of bathing cliffs within walking distance from the ferry stop in Hönö Klåva, but if you want to see more of Hönö and the surrounding islands, renting a bike is a good idea. Bring your own on the ferry or rent one in the harbour when you arrive – 60 SEK for two hours or 120 SEK for a day. Head south and cross the bridge to Fotö, explore the nature reserve Ersdalen on the western side of the island, or cross the bridges to Öckerö and Hälsö.