Get artsy

Alternative galleries such as Four and Röda Sten Art Centre are run by genuine enthusiasts and the artists themselves which makes them refreshingly unpretentious. Here silence has been replaced by music and black turtle neck sweaters by neon coloured T-shirts.

A foodie's paradise

World class restaurants, experimental food rebels, trendy bars and a rolling armada of food trucks – Gothenburg has it all.

Nightlife beyond the main boulevard

If you love happy house music and dance floor megahits you'll find your party Mecca on the main boulevard Avenyn, with clubs like Push, Lounge(s) and Park Lane. But here we listed a few alternatives, for those of you who prefer a glass of natural wine at the bar, a hip hop and r'n'b dj, or a heavy metal concert.

Classic cafés and trendy espresso bars

Coffee is central to the people of Gothenburg, some prefer a classic Swedish brew and others an Italian espresso. Here are some of the places where the locals have their daily dose of caffeine.

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