–We always have activities to encourage reading. You can't start reading aloud too early. Our theatre shows are suitable for the little ones and many of them are based on the books about Alfie Atkins, says Anna Forsgren, CEO at Alfie Atkins' Cultural Centre. 

The centre is open daily and aside from being a place for play, fun and reading, visitors can also take part in various activities aimed at children up the age of 8.

–We are now continuing "Chemistry at Alfie Atkins' Cultural Centre" where we, along with Chalmers University and the Hasselblad Foundation, want to arouse curiousity and interest for chemistry. Our interactive classes are a combination of interpretation, molecule dance and experiements – and very popular.

The popular character Alfie Atkins' is, despite his young looks, turning 45 this year and his creator Gunilla Bergström is celebrating her 75th birthday.

–This year is truly a party year since we are also celebrating that Alfie Atkins' Cultural Centre has been around for five years. The ceelbration will be noticable in several ways, starting during the Gothenburg Cultural Festival in August and you will also see several new additions to the house.

But you don't have to wait all the way to August to enjoy some news, but one of the latest is toward the scary side of things...

–We just got a chest filled with hissing cockroaches and you can soon hear their noise through a speaker. They are real, but locked up and not harmful. They are very large and the kids can peek at them through small windows. I tried holding one the other day – that was a challenge! A keeper comes to take care of them so they lead a good life.

Take a look in the programme to see what's on today at Alfie Atkins' Cultural Centre.