The rocky road to ice cream enthusiast

Let’s travel back in time for a while. In 2004 Nicklas found himself in the restaurant business having completed his studies at highly regarded culinary school Grythyttan. He worked in several kitchens and travelled a lot. On his travels he noticed that several cities had ice cream parlours with signs proclaiming they sold ice cream that they had “made themselves”.

– I particularly remember one sign with that message that I saw in Malmö, it sort of kick started this thing for me. I thought to myself that this, this is something that we don’t have in Gothenburg. We have Lejonet & Björnen, but that’s where it ends. I wanted to do something different, something new.

Nicklas ambition was to start his own, small ice cream café. Basically a hole in the wall where he could experiment and prepare his own ice cream.

– I wanted to work with fresh flavours, to have the opportunity to change the menu from day to day and to get really damn good at making ice cream. 

The idea lived in Nicklas head for almost 7 years before he decided to do something about it. After a stint in a restaurant kitchen where he really felt out of place he changed direction. His first step was to travel to Italy and sign up for a course at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna.

"I wanted to work with fresh flavours, to have the opportunity to change the menu from day to day and to get really damn good at making ice cream." 

After arriving back in Sweden, Nicklas began searching for a place to open up his business, but it proved hard so Nicklas instead went back to Italy. When he enrolled for the next level course at Carpigiani Gelato University, he encountered a new side of ice cream making that intrigued him. He learned how to make flavours from the ground up, the preparation, mathematics and theory that it entails and how to put it in to practise.

– I remember being very excited, it was something else than just adding pre made flavours to a base ice cream. This was so much more dynamic.  

Manor in Mölnlycke led to Linné location

When Nicklas returned home he was contacted by Råda Manor, located in Mölnlycke just outside of Gothenburg. In 2012 he moved his machines in to a house on the estate and set up shop serving ice cream to visitors and guests for 3 years. In 2015 he finally found a suitable location in Gothenburg.

– I live in the area, I know the area and the café had recently been renovated to house my type of business so it was a perfect match really.

The hole in the wall that started as an idea nearly 10 years ago was now a reality. His business saw a huge increase in its second year and customers and critics have lauded his ice cream.

– It makes me happy that people like my ice cream, but if I’m being completely honest, I do this mainly because I enjoy it. I am motivated by my drive to explore, experiment and learn. 

Extraordinary flavours on the menu

Experimenting with flavours is one of Nicklas’ and Råda Gelato’s trademarks. He is not afraid to push the boat out and will offer up flavours you normally won’t find in an ice cream cone, always by using as natural ingredients as possible, and always from the ground up.

– I’d love to go even further when it comes to flavours, there are so many exciting combinations to try. I do think that ice cream will move in that direction. look at America where they have a completely different mind-set compared to France and Italy. They’ll do anything and everything. That boldness is something I predict we’ll see more of here as well.

Nicklas is genuinely excited about ice cream and it shows. He explains that much of it comes from the fact that ice cream, while being complex, is a just one product rather than working in a restaurant with loads of different products. That means that he can focus on one thing and on learning all there is to know while experimenting and being creative.

And how happy we are that Nicklas found his passion in ice cream. Because it means that we get to share his delicious innovations. Innovations that surprise us and makes us smile. Innovations that taste of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. 

Nicklas Gothenburg favourites

Björk och Bambu

“A great place that combines two distinct flavours and styles in an amazing way, well worth a visit” Vegagatan 50

Trattoria la Strega

"The best Italian restaurant in Gothenburg, and they happen to have delicious ice cream on the dessert menu as well.” Aschebergsgatan 23 B