Gothenburg was named host of the championships last year, and organisers prepared for a crowd-friendly summer event and built a brand-new course in the Skatås area. Then a pandemic rocked the world, and everything changed. But the championships will still go ahead.

– We’ve worked together with the Swedish Cycling Association and the Swedish Sports Confederation to make sure that the championships can go ahead in a safe manner. Saftey measures include no crowds, a limited number of participants in each class and no showers, says Daniel Dandenell Lägersten. 

“Gothenburg is hard to beat when it comes to trail biking”

The fact that Gothenburg was chosen to host this year’s Swedish Championship is no coincidence. Avid cyclists have long been aware of the trails and terrain of Gothenburg, and the undulating terrain in Skatås is particularly well suited for trail biking. 

– Gothenburg is hard to beat when it comes to trail biking. I think that maybe it’s flown under the radar somewhat, while other destinations have made more noise claiming to be MTB-destinations. Skatås and the Delsjö area offer up a marvelous number of trails. 

Watch the championships from home

Mountain bike is a sport on the up, and many will want to watch the championships. With no crowds allowed, there will be other options available, says Daniel.

– On Saturday we will broadcast a live podcast along with video from cameras along the course, it will be streamed on the facebook-page Mountainbike-SM. On Sunday we’ll be live streaming on Solidsport. You can find out more and find all the links at

Impressive starting field

The women’s staring field is full of impressive riders. Locals will want to cheer a little extra for Gothenburg riders Sara Öberg, reigning Nordic XCO champion, Agnes Abrahamsson, reigning Swedish spring champion girls 15–16, Ella Holmegård, reigning Sprint World Champion and Åsa Erlandsson, reigning Swedish CX champion. They will face, among others, Olympic champion Jenny Rissved!

Discover all kinds of cycling in Gothenburg

Even if cycling fans can’t make it to this years championships, there are plenty of reasons to plan a cycling themed trip to Gothenburg in the future, whether you’re into mountain biking or any other discipline. 

– A British journalist once wrote a piece on mountain biking in Gothenburg with the title “the maze in Gothenburg”. There aren’t that many signs but there are plenty of apps available to help you find your way around. And if the Delsjö area is an infinite maze of amazing trails, then Lackarabäck is the place to go for endure riders for an amazing experience. 

There’s a new gravel path in the nature reserve Lärjedalen perfect for a family outing by bike, and if you’re on a road bike then the old railway embankment turned bicycle path near Gråbo offers a safe and scenic tour towards Jonsered and the lake Aspen.