Everyone perceives and interpret the world around us differently. This issue takes centre stage in Agnieszka Knap’s latest project. In a world characterised by a constant flow of images, information and messages this topic is brought to a head. Reality has become harder to interpret than ever before when we no longer share the same flow of information. The technical development has contributed to an increasingly differentiated and fragmented image of the world.

Agnieszka Knap’s intention with the “It is what you see” series is to offer a challenge of perception. She puts the viewer's individual interpretation in the centre. Comparing your personal experience of an object to another person's understanding of it can then be the staring point of something new. Attention can be directed to your own thinking patterns, identity, norms or society.

Ambiguous shapes are the focus of Agnieszka Knap’s work. When does a form cease to evoke different associations? Which details in an abstract form are meaningful and crucial for its continued ambiguity? How far is it possible to stretch the aesthetics of a piece of jewellery before it stops being attractive to wear?


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