When we meet Claes Andersson, one of three chefs at Jinx, it's ten o'clock in the morning and the street Magasinsgatan in central Gothenburg is slowly coming to life. Claes had worked at several famous restaurants together with his two friends, John and Jonathan, when they decided to start their own business.

– If you want to start a restaurant you need a lot of money, but a food truck is relatively cheap which makes it easier for you to realise your dreams, says Claes Andersson.

Claes, John and Jonathan bought the food truck and started selling New York-style pork buns – a steamed bread stuffed with pork or tofu and lots of flavours. The idea came from when one of the friends worked in New York and tried pork buns at the restaurant Momofuku.

– Everyone says that it's a bad idea to start a business with your best friends, but I disagree, says Claes, who can't imagine any better colleagues than John and Jonathan.

The name Jinx means to bring bad luck or misfortune to something or someone. But despite the name, Jinx Food Truck is doing well and the guests keep on coming. Now it's almost noon, the food is prepared and the first lunch guests are starting to line up.

– Our guests are between 16 and 65 years old. Everyone who likes savoury food should eat here, says Claes.

Claes´ best food tips in Gothenburg

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