The bar career for the humble rapper from Lund, in the south of Sweden, started at the Gothenburg Bartender School (Göteborgs bartenderskola) in 2001 and he previously worked at for example Lokal and Klubb Social. It's now been four years since he started to build up a bar at restaurant Familjen and he has loved every bit of it.

–Familjen is a west Swedish bistro and work according to season, as much as possible, and it was natural to have the same approach in the bar. I've always wanted to have that way of thinking.

Familjen has been mentioned in White Guide several times, but in 2013 it was time for the big thing. A top-ranking, where they shared points with the Gothenburg restaurant Bhoga, made them number two on the list of the best bars in Sweden.

How do you create new cocktails?
–We aim to replace one cocktail every other week. We have a shorter drink list and try to keep it short, because it’s more fun to be able to make changes and people will notice it.

Where do you find inspiration?
–I find a lot of inspiration in looking at what the kitchen is doing and I talk a lot with my colleagues. I also get a lot of inspiration by walking down to Kungstorget to see what they are selling, mainly at the square.

–I like the idea that during the few weeks when we have great strawberries here – we do various Strawberry things and then it goes away. I hope that more bars will start thinking that way. It's been around on the kitchen-side for a while. It's pretty easy to do something fresh and fruity based on a passion fruit that has been shipped all over the world. It's trickier and a bigger challenge to do something fun out of an apple.

Familjen is a west Swedish bistro and work according to season. It was natural to have the same approach in the bar.

What's your personal drink of choice?
–I rarely drink cocktails when I'm going out. We’re often hanging out at Andra Långgatan drinking good craft beers. I like Beerbliotek from Gothenburg and I know Richard and Adam who were part of starting the brewery. I'm probably more a beer kind of guy. But I just started to appreciate beers that actually taste something. I've had a very childish taste before and only liked Budweiser and Miller.

Do you work with any microbreweries?
–Yes, we've worked a lot with Ocean and Dugges from Gothenburg and we're going to work with Beerbliotek too. It's great that there are so many good beers from Gothenburg. We didn't have that just a few years ago. We’ve made our own beer with Ocean too, a type of wheat beer Ocean Vit, with fresh gooseberries, coriander, ginger and a tad of orange. Things like that will surely happen in the future too. It's always fun to be involved even when it's not cocktails.

What do you do outside of work?
–I’m into music and I’ve been rapping since 97, which is something that I still do, but not on the same scale. I recorded a single with Ken Ring (Swedish rapper) one and a half years ago. I do some DJ-ing too, mostly because I like it a lot and I get a break in everyday life.

I’m doing what I love and I don’t see any other industry that I would rather be in.

Is it a lifestyle to work as a bar manager?
–It can be, in many ways. I have always been at my best at night. Most of my friends are in this line of work too. I’m doing what I love now and I don’t see any other industry that I would rather be in. Someday I might want to open my own place, that’s always been the dream. But Björn and Sofie Persson are absolutely the best bosses I’ve have ever had. They give a lot and that makes you give a lot back too. It’s fun to go to work every day, and that’s pretty awesome.

What’s the strangest drink order you’ve received?
–I’m very fascinated that people still drink vodka-red bull, because I think it’s disgusting and it’s pretty dangerous. My hope is that these orders will disappear as much as possible. The “one beer” order has started to disappear and people are more interested in what they drink. The gin-tonic concept too, it’s more: What tonic and what gin do you do? It’s started to move forward. But the energy drink thing is something that I hope will disappear. That’s something I really want to promote: less energy drinks in bars – more lingonberries.

2013-11-15, updated 2014-10-28.