In 2015, Jonsered Gardens won the Elmia Park Inspira award as Sweden’s most inspiring park in the category of newly created parks.The name of gardener Peter Svensson may not ring a bell, but Swedish radio listeners may recognise his voice from having heard him as a frequent guest gardener on the gardening radio show on station P4 Göteborg.

Jonsered Gardens are made up of four individual areas.

The formal garden is the most faithful reproduction of an early nineteenth century garden. Formal beds planted with perennials and shrubs, framed by upright privet hedges. This garden also features grand urns planted with colourful exotic species and stylish magnolia trees, alongside tightly clipped shapes in yew and privet, set in paved islands.

The kitchen garden is a combination of vegetable beds and ornamental garden in the English potager garden style. Vegetables and herbs are grown organically in modern raised beds that can be adjusted in height. Hops and columnar apple trees form avenues right across the garden.

The English rose garden is made up of ten arbours with fragrant contemporary bush roses. There are also large perennial borders with cottage perennials and graceful trees whose foliage creates a sheltering roof.

The exhibition garden is remodelled each year with the help of a well-known or amateur gardener. We look forward to a new garden each year that will stimulate and inspire visitors with new ideas that they can apply to their own gardens. 

Café and crafts

There's a cosy café on the grounds, and the old gatehouse has been transformed in to a handicraft studio and shop. 


The desire to help our fellow human beings has shaped Jonsered over many decades. When Scottish factory owner William Gibson built the magnificent mansion in 1868 the farming community had grown over a period of a couple of decades from a small village into a model industrial community where workers were provided with practical housing, reliable healthcare and a well-developed school.

To crown it all Gibson had a garden laid out next to the mansion where everyone was welcome to enjoy the summer’s fresh vegetables. But the decades passed, the factories closed down and the gardens became a faded memory. But thanks to exhaustive research by landscape architect Kolbjörn Waern it was possible to start laying out a new garden in 2010. 


Address: William Gibsons väg 17
Phone: 031-792 10 00