When Gothenburg turns 400 in 2021, most of the anniversary plans will be completed. Not Jubileumsparken though, it will continue to evolve and grow for a long time to come. The ambition is to create a meeting place made by and for everyone. And the park has already come a long way. Follow Jubileumsparken on Facebook here

Put on your roller skates

Jubileumsparken is home to Gothenburg’s first, and only, outdoor roller derby rink. It’s open to the public as long as there’s no game or training scheduled. 

Sweat in style

Marvel at the design or book your spot in the spectacular sauna, created by award winning architect group Raumlaborberlin.

Floating pool and sandy beach

Jubileumsparken has a manmade beach with a wooden decking, perfect for a warm summer’s day. If you get too hot, cool down by taking a swim in the floating public pool located along the pier Kvillepiren.

The saltwater tub

Since 2018 there is a test pool filled with saltwater in connection to the sauna. The tub measures one meter deep and three meters in diameter, it also contains seven cubic meters of saltwater. The water is continuously pumped in and circulates, and is gradually replaced after about two hours. 

Café Fluss

In between the floating public pool and the sauna, is Café Fluss. A Berlin inspired restaurant, bar and club – created from almost 100 percent recycled materials. Order everything from ice-cream and coffee to a well-prepared meal and cocktails. Café Fluss stays open between May and September.


Address: Lundbyvassen
Stop: Frihamnsporten
Phone: +46313689696
E-mail: info@jubileumsparken.se
Website: http://goteborg.se/jubileumsparken