Around Kronhuset you find "Kronhusbodarna", a number of smaller buidlings.The west wing served as carriage storage and warehouse, and was built around 1750 after the previous wooden buildings around Kronhuset burned down. The east wing was built in 1759 for artillery weapon smiths, turners and saddlers.

At this time Sweden was mobilizing for war with Denmark and the demand for a warehouse in Gothenburg was therefore high. Kronhuset was built in Dutch style, and apart from the brick walls and ceiling, it's made ​​entirely of wood. It is six stories high and the ground floor has no supporting pillars, making it easier to move guns and vehicles around. When the parliament convened in Gothenburg Kronhuset also functioned as parliament house.

Nowadays the neighbourhood is a vibrant craft centre. In the small surrounding buildings you'll find for exemple chocolate and candy, jewellery, pottery, galleries, leatherwork, soapmaking, furniture restoration and room for concerts. There is also a popular cafe and bakery.


Address: Kronhusgatan 1D
Stop: Brunnsparken