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Photo: Olof Wängborg, Västkuststiftelsen Photo: Olof Wängborg, Västkuststiftelsen


Kuststigen is one of West Sweden's most beautiful hiking trails.

Kuststigen is a hiking trail along the coast. It goes by the sea, through archipelago communities, as well as through forests, old agricultural districts and up on mountain peaks with beautiful sea views. The trail runs in both Sweden and Norway.

Kuststigen consists of a continuous trail between Uddevalla and Sotenäs, as well as several shorter looping trails and separate stages. It offers a wide variety of different coastal hiking options for both day trips and longer hikes. Most stages can be reached by car and public transport. Along several of them, you will find a good range of services such as cafés, restaurants, hotels and hostels.

You can go fishing in the sea and even in most lakes along Kuststigen, as long as you abide the rules. There are also stages which you can cycle, some are flat and short and some are long and rocky.

On Kuststigen's website you will find information how to plan your hike, how to get to the different stages with public transport and see what is along the trail in terms of sites and services.