Extra round of exercies adapted for everyone

The obstacle course, with 21 obstacles, has both easy and tougher obstacles, customised for both young and adults. If you find it hard with some of the obstacles you can choose to go to the extra round of exercises instead. This extra round is adapted for anyone, and you can choose to only use these exersices as well.

Fire place, benches and rain cover

The obstacle course is run by the city of Gothenburg, and during the darker days of the years it is lighten up between 22:00 - 06:00. If you want you can also use the fire place next to the course, here you'll also find a rain cover and a place to sit. There are also boxes for valuables if you bring your own padlock. 

The obstacle is free to use, unmanned and non-bookable.


Address: Krutvägen 6
Stop: Kviberg/Krutvägen/Luftvärnsvägen