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Photo: Bert Leandersson Photo: Bert Leandersson


The warehouse was completed in 1920 as the first free warehouse in the country.

Today, it is no longer used as a warehouse for the port. The building houses a mixture of book publishers, magazines, architect offices, restaurant and cultural activities, including the culture house for young people - Frilagret - and Göteborgs Litteraturhus.

The architect was Karl Samuelsson. The idea was to promote trade and transoceanic contacts. It was a duty-free building where imported goods were unloaded directly from the boats.

However, that activity was short-lived; when Frihamnen harbour was added in 1922, the free warehouse lost its significance and became a regular warehouse. For a long time, it was used for storing dairy products. The free warehouse was therefore called the Cheese Warehouse, which still lives on today.


Address: Heurlins Plats 1
Stop: Järntorget