What makes a city LGBT friendly? A wide range of queer bars and clubs, a unique LGBT council, rainbow coloured streets and trams or an open atmosphere?

Sweden in general is considered a very LGBTQ+ friendly destination – we were ranked the safest country in the world in the 2019 LGBTQ+ Danger Index. But perhaps it's the combination of all these things that makes Gothenburg stand out, even here, among the LGBT community's favourites. The non-profit organisation RFSL has named it the best LGBT city in Sweden, and the British LGBT Awards put it among it top 10 LGBT+ destinations.

"A fabulous all year-round escape for curious gay and lesbian travellers"

– British LGBT Awards 2018

West Pride and the rainbow coloured city

Gothenburg's own pride festival West Pride has been around since 2007. The festival takes place in June every year and boasts hundreds of events, with the Rainbow parade as a given highlight.

– West Pride makes Gothenburg an even more open and inclusive city. The festival highlights LGBT persons' lives through a norm critical approach to arts and culture, says Emma Percival at West Pride.

During the two weeks leading up to West Pride, all of Gothenburg sports rainbow colours on flags, trams, and more. The square Gustaf Adolfs torg is filled with the city's own rainbow flags, and many comapnies and organisations join in the celebrations.

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