Every October since 2000, the world's leading lighting designers come to Alingsås to illuminate the central part of the city. Accompanied by some of the most talented light students, they put light and colour upon the facades of the picturesque city of Alingsås. Cold and anonymous facades turn into warm and colorful places, lakes can become futuristic landing lanes, and in these oases of light new and inviting city venues are created. In recent years, Lights in Alingsås has resulted in over 85,000 visits during October.

During the event there is a hive of activity in the city, with several exciting fringe events and a city center that lives in a multitude of late night cafes, restaurants and shops. The city is also well known as the Capital of Fika in Sweden, fika is the Swedish word for cooling down, having a cup of coffee and relax.


Photos: Patrik Gunnar Helin.