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Lindholmen Street Food Market

Food Market at Lindholmen.

A vibrant street food market in old shipyards at Hisingen. Every Saturday the market is visited by various restaurants, local breweries, a design market and much more!

Street Food - that's pretty much exactly what it is. Simple and good, unpretentious but high quality and street smart combined with an inviting attitude. What the different players has in common is love for the food, the quality of the ingredients and the people who eat it!

The concept is based on collaboration and a common interest in street food. Various players who show taverns, chefs, food trucks and breweries, with local roots in and around Gothenburg, deliver their products. Every Saturday has different exhibitors. Keep up on Lindholmen Street Food Market's Facebook.


Address: Anders Carlssonsgata 2
Stop: Lindholmen
Phone: +46 31 22 77 97
E-mail: info@kooperativet.se
Website: https://www.kooperativet.se/