Photo: Lobster Safari with Kanjkanten Vrångö. More organisers below.

Nothing beats freshly caught lobster from the waters just outside Gothenburg. For adventure-seeking gourmets there are several organisers of lobster safaris in the beautiful archipelago.
– To fish for lobster on a clear and bright autumn day is something out of this world. It must be experienced, says Bo Johansson from Hönö Tourist Fishing.

"There's nothing like fresh lobster that you have caught yourself"

The Swedish lobster isn't threatened, but to protect it the fishing is strictly regulated and only permitted between September and April. Lobster season always starts at seven in the morning on the first Monday after September 20.

Bo Johansson from Hönö Tourist Fishing loves lobster and has fished in the waters outside the island of Hönö for many years.
– Summer is wonderful in the archipelago, but to go out on a boat trip in the fall is something entirely different. It can be grey and chilly or sunny and clear – either way it's an incredible experience, he says.
– To pull up a lobsterpot and finding a lobster inside gives you an unbeatable sense of excitement and happiness. There's nothing like fresh lobster that you have caught yourself.